CG-generated 3D Pikachu is too adorable not to see on the big screen.

Many of our readers, Pokémon fans in particular, may be aware that the live-action film Detective Pikachu was recently released in Japan before the rest of the world, and since we were naturally excited to see what Pikachu in a live-action movie would look like, we went to see it on opening day this past Friday.

That’s right, this time moviegoers in Japan actually got to see the film early without having to wait weeks or sometimes months like we often do for overseas blockbusters to be released, which was a refreshing change for once.

We also got to try some Pikachu themed drinks as well as visit a special Detective Pikachu event at the Roppongi Hills, so we wanted to share that with our readers in addition to our impressions from the movie.

Okay, we were totally ready to see our favorite yellow Pokémon on the big screen with our pre-paid movie ticket, which came with an adorable Detective Pikachu note pad (because good detectives need to take notes to solve cases, obviously).

But before the movie, we headed to the Roasted Coffee Laboratory at the Roppongi Hills shopping/dining/entertainment complex to try some Pikachu-inspired coffee drinks.

▼ A life-like Detective Pikachu doll welcomed us in front of the coffee shop, capturing our hearts even before we entered.

They were serving three Detective Pikachu beverages: the Strong Coffee, the Tapioca Milk Coffee and the Coffee Shake.

▼ They also had some Detective Pikachu posters decorating the wall, which only added to our excitement.

Here’s the Tapioca Milk Coffee (756 yen, US$6.80), which was basically an iced latte filled with tapioca pearls and topped with a layer of smooth foamed milk. The slightly sweet flavor of the latte actually went very well with the chewy texture of the tapioca pearls and made for a nice dessert drink.

And here’s the Coffee Shake (691 yen), which was a frozen coffee-flavored shake with whipped cream and cocoa powder on top. It wasn’t overly sweet, but actually cold and quite refreshing.

We also later tried the Strong Coffee (475 yen), a strong espresso coffee that came in a lovely Pikachu cup.

The Pikachu drinks also came with a bonus Pikachu button pin, which we were able to collect in two different designs.

And now, for the movie! We arrived at the Toho Cinemas Roppongi Hills theater and found a huge Detective Pikachu promotional image on the clear wall near the entrance.

We also saw some merchandise including plastic folders, cups, key rings and towels, but apparently a lot of the goods were sold out as they had gone on sale a few days prior to the opening of the movie.

And how was the movie? First and foremost, we absolutely fell in love with Pikachu! The movie’s CG team did an amazing job of bringing the lovable yellow Pokémon to life. You could almost feel his soft fur, and his face and expressions were perfect.

The staff did a more than decent job with the other Pokémon as well, and trust us, there are many of them, making the movie a visual treat. The battle scenes where the Pokémon show off their powers also didn’t disappoint either, which we have to say is no mean feat from a cinematography point of view. The story was entertaining too, with even a small surprise treat at the end, making it more than just a kid’s movie, which shouldn’t be surprising considering that Ryan Reynolds is voicing Pikachu.

Compared to the Japanese feature-length anime Pokémon films, which are essentially fun children’s movies in the truest sense of the word, Detective Pikachu has an older, grown protagonist, and while many of the familiar Pokémon make an appearance, the movie has a completely separate storyline from the original anime/comic series that even viewers without detailed knowledge of Pokémon should be able to enjoy.

All that aside, in all honesty, if you’re even remotely fond of Pokémon, you probably won’t regret seeing this movie simply because Pikachu is cute on a level that is to die for.

After watching the movie, we stopped by the special Detective Pikachu promotional event that was being held outside the theater. Several photo booths and panels were set up in a large outside area.

▼ Pikachu posters and panels were all over the place!

One of the photo booths had a Pikachu and static electricity-collecting ball display where you could touch the ball and experience the sensation of being zapped!

You could also get your photo taken with Pikachu in this booth that recreates the feel of Ryme City, where the movie takes place.

There was also a plush, yellow Pikachu-themed room where you could get your photo taken with props and panels.

▼ We also received two bonus Pikachu stickers for posting photos taken at the booths on social media.

And since Pikachu was so adorable, we bought a souvenir brochure of the movie to take home with us.

▼ The brochure features some awesome pictures from the movie:

▼ And here’s a peek at some more pictures showing how sweet Pikachu looks in all his yellow glory:

▼ We also purchased a set of two plastic folders because… well, we just had to. (How can you not, after seeing that Pikachu on the folder?)

▼ Below you can see the designs of the two folders.

▼ And we had to take one last look at Pikachu before leaving.

Overall, we had a great time seeing the movie, which felt like a nice combination of entertainment that both adults and kids can enjoy, and Pokémon magic. The special event at Roppongi Hills with the photo booths runs only for three days until May 5, but the Pikachu drinks are available at Roasted Coffee Laboratory’s Roppongi Hills, Esola Ikebukuro and Tokyu Toyoko (in Shibuya) branches until May 26.

We already knew that Pikachu is adorable enough to be turned into Mister Donut doughnuts or even a wedding theme, but his Hollywood debut certainly did his cuteness justice, at least in this writer’s eyes. If you’re planning to go see Detective Pikachu, be prepared to be zapped by Pikachu’s charm and enjoy!

Photos: SoraNews24
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