But we’re willing to grant him a pardon in exchange for lots of fluffy hugs.

Detective Pikachu’s design seems to have really grown on people since the release of the first live-action Pokémon film. While he’s definitely scruffier and a bit more feral-looking than the Pikachu we’re used to seeing in the franchise’s anime and video games, he’s got a wrinkly charm of his own, and enough of it to have inspired his own Tokyo Pokémon Cafe menu items and fan-made character cookies.

So now Bandai is stepping in fill the Detective Pikachu-shaped demand with a life-size version of the Poké sleuth!

At 40 centimeters (15.7 inches) in height, the Life Size Doll Detective Pikachu is designed to be the same size as his movie counterpart, and also has the same extra-large pupils with thin brown irises (as opposed to the two-tone black-and-white eyes that anime Pikachu has most of the time).

Detective Pikachu is also posable, as you can adjust his arms, ears, and tail to make him look extra playful or pensive, depending on whether you’re just relaxing together or putting your heads together to try to crack a tough caper.

▼ “Hmmm…”

▼ “That’s it!”

The life-size plushie is being offered here through the Premium Bandai website for 21,780 yen (US$200), with shipping scheduled for December, so you’ll have plenty of time to watch that 100-minute video of nonstop Detective Pikachu dancing.

Source, images: Premium Bandai
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