We explain how they become so massively popular in such a short span of time.

In order for Japanese idol groups to stand out among the plethora of other more established units, they usually have to try offering something very different from the rest, like involving themselves in virtual currency or having plus-sized members.

But a relatively new girl idol group formed in October last year by the name of Beyooooonds has managed to debut with a single that clinched the top spot of Japan’s music charts. Developed by the same entertainment company that produced Morning Musume, their unexpected performance has rocked the idol group scene to its core.

▼ A mighty impressive feat for a brand new group,
but just what is their recipe for success?

Our Japanese-language reporter P.K. Sanjun seeks to explain their sudden rise to stardom, attributing their popularity to three simple reasons.

1. Catchy music

Their music is pretty straightforward and easy to follow with enough individuality to stand out but not complicated to the point where the older generation cannot catch up, as even a 40-year-old P.K. felt the urge to replay their songs and nod his head to the beats.

▼ Like this funky tune where they bring a spin to traditional Japanese music.

2. Infectious dance routine

Having a flashy choreography might blow viewers away, but a routine that ordinary citizens or students can easily imitate is even better. We wouldn’t be surprised if students started performing their songs at school festivals.

▼ For example, the moves in The Japanese D.N.A. song
look like something that fans could do themselves.

3. Imperfection

P.K. is not one to be judgmental, but he reckons that none of the girls have reached a certain level of polish yet, which is undeniable considering how new they are to the idol group scene. However, that also means that they still have room to grow, and there is much satisfaction in watching how these members will improve and develop into a stunning unit that will eventually shake the world.

Beyooooonds appears to be one super idol group in the making, and we have high hopes for the albums and singles they will be churning out next. If all goes well, everyone will be feverishly copying their upbeat dance moves one day just like they did with AKB48.

Top image: YouTube/Beyooooonds
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