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Three reasons why new girl idol group “Beyooooonds” may be the next big thing in Japan【Video】

We explain how they become so massively popular in such a short span of time.

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Japanese idol group member misses performance after misreading train station kanji

In Japan, one kanji character can make a lot of difference.

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It’s hard making it as an idol group in Japan.  In this business thousands of girls and boys are struggling to find their niche be it with snaggleteeth, clean towels, or chainsaws.

This time RocketNews would like to present a girl group who have taken a more fishy road to success, by pitching in at their local sushi shop.  Every Sunday you can catch up-and-coming Idol Class do a free concert then sell you some octopus after the show, in what they call Sushidols.

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