P.K. Sanjun

Will Yomiuriland’s Pokémon Wonder attraction be a good place to play Pokémon GO? We investigate

And how is Pokémon Wonder, anyway?

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Our reporter transforms into a fancy celebrity to sample the fanciest udon at Marugame Seimen

Two new limited-time menu items at the restaurant feature Kobe beef, so we pulled out all of the stops to feel worthy of this gastronomic celebration.

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What happens when our reporters show up to work dressed like their fathers?

What could go wrong if we give our reporters free access to their dads’ closets?

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Instant vs. Restaurant Ramen Project: Moko Tanmen Nakamoto deliciously spicy miso【Taste Test】

We send our reporter to perform the most thorough test of a cup ramen’s quality we can manage.

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Hands on with New Pokémon Snap! Is the Poké-photo game fun to play with your kids?

Our littlest reporter, and her daddy, pay a visit to The Pokémon Company to play the new game prior to its release.

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Free food awaits those who finish “Spicy Mapo Tofu of Hell,” but it isn’t easy

“This isn’t a meal. It’s a weapon.”

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We spotted an umbrella thief in the act on the streets of Tokyo, and it left us feeling strange

Rainy-day crime gives our witness a lot to think about.

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Our Disney expert explains why Mickey Mouse sounds the same in Japanese as he does in English

There’s more to it than just technique, says our Disney maniac. 

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Instant vs. Restaurant Ramen Project: Ippudo spicy miso tonkotsu battle【Taste test】

Can the 7-Eleven version match the majesty of the Hakata original?

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What’s the difference between Hong Kong pineapple bun and Japanese melon bread?

P.K. Sanjun gets schooled on all that is good and carbs. 

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Man vs. Steak: We band together to eat 4.5 kilograms of beef at Ikinari Steak

Will the power of four of our reporters be enough to vanquish 10 pounds of meat?

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We test Nissin’s new longer-than-ever-before instant noodles to see how they measure up

Nissin claims these noodles are their longest ever, and we’re here to put that claim to the test.

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Words of wisdom to live by from a simple Japanese father for Coming of Age Day

Our writer received a heartfelt message from his father on his Coming of Age Day 23 years ago which he would now like to share with you.

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Our reporter eats the new “apple pie” flavor yakisoba noodles, so no one else has to

P.K. Sanjun bravely faces down notorious noodle company Peyoung’s latest concoction. Can yakisoba really taste like apple pie?

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Has five years with the dangerous haircut banned in Tokyo schools led this man to a life of crime?

Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education continues mental gymnastics and insists that undercuts cause harmful incidents and accidents.
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Toilet paper miracle ends 11 harrowing minutes in a Harajuku McDonald’s restroom

A valuable lesson for us all in our reporter’s darkest fraction of an hour.

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The most mysterious place to buy masks in Tokyo: Out of the back of this random dude’s car【Pics】

Our chance meeting with the mobile merchant.

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Parenting while teleworking — a day in the life of a Japanese father in the midst of COVID-19

A rare peek behind the scenes for one SoraNews24 reporter. Read More

Men in Japan are not taking paternity leave – why?

SoraNews24’s very own P.K Sanjun gives us the low-down.

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Our latest 10,000 yen food challenge is downing 80 croquettes on top of noodles

Or, as we think of it, “P.K. Sanjun takes on the potatoes at Fuji Soba.”

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