Submissions for AKB48’s Kokoro no Placard Video Awards are open, and the first company to submit their entry is GMO Internet Group, who reveals a startling high number of pretty ladies working for them. Just look at those fresh smiling faces! Will we be seeing a GMO idol group sometime in the future?

In 2013 AKB48 released a music video for their song Koi Suru Fortune Cookie which featured 356 members of the AKB staff doing the dance moves. This started a craze for people of all professions from government employees to taxi drivers uploading videos of themselves doing the dance, many of whom can be seen on AKB48’s YouTube channel.

This year the hyper-popular idol group is running an official video contest for their latest single Kokoro no Placard, and submissions are now open. The first upload is from GMO Internet Group, who also created a video last year, and features teams from their divisions all around Japan and the world singing and performing the dance routine. But what’s really got netizens talking is the amount of gorgeous ladies who seem to work at this company. This will probably work as some excellent free advertising for GMO, and given the reaction online we imagine they might be seeing quite an increase in single young men applying for jobs with them in the near future.

▼ Watch GMO’s video entry for the Kokoro no Placard contest.

Let’s introduce netizens’ favourite teams from the video.

First up is Team konkatsu. ‘Konkatsu’ means ‘marriage hunting’ and their sign proclaims that they are ‘brides in training’. Basically these ladies are using the video as a way to advertise that they’re all single and looking for a potential husband to sweep them off their feet, so now’s your change, guys!


Next we have Team nikushoku shojo?, which literally means ‘meat eating girls’. This phrase is usually used to refer to guys who are confident and aggressively seek out female ‘companionship’, while ‘herbivorous’ is used to talk about guys who don’t actively pursue women. So these girls are letting everyone know that they’re on the prowl for prey, but their sign reminds us that they don’t go out to ‘goukon‘ or ‘dating parties’ every night!


Team o-de-mu-ka-e or Team Reception is made up of, you guessed it, receptionists. These four have even matched their outfits, and are showing huge potential for starting up a receptionist idol group.


And last but not least is Team kumapon wo aisuru hitobito, or Team ‘people who love Kumapon’. Kumapon is a coupon site run by GMO with a bear (kuma) as its mascot, so they’re being cute as well as showing company spirit. These girls are super into the dancing, and just look at those smiles!


▼ And as a bonus, here’s GMO’s entry for last year.

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Source: IT Soku, AKB48 Official YouTube