Welsh rugby team wins over the heart of Japanese mom, receives sweet handwritten note from her

Nothing declares a fan’s love better than a heartfelt message.

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Japan exits Rugby World Cup, captain Michael Leitch wins with his +64 Cafe in Tokyo

Japanese fans visit the rugby player’s cafe in team jerseys for “the best breakfast in Tokyo“.

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Uruguay rugby players accused of smashing up restaurant, injuring employee in Japan

Players helped themselves to unordered booze following World Cup elimination and caused more than four million yen (US$37,000) in damage, owner says.

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Rugby World Cup: Captain Michael Leitch melts hearts with the reason why he plays for Japan

Kindness at the time of a family tragedy leads Leitch to pledge his allegiance to the Japanese team as a teenager.

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Canadian rugby team volunteers in typhoon-struck Japan following cancellation of World Cup match

Typhoon Hagibis brought Team Canada’s World Cup campaign to an early finish, but the kindhearted athletes still had one more thing to do in Japan.

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Rugby World Cup fans slammed for singing anthems, forming human pyramids on Japanese trains

Foreign tourists ignore requests by rail operators to watch their manners on trains in Japan. 

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Rugby World Cup: Ireland fans sing for Japan outside convenience store after defeat

They may have lost the match, but their sportsmanship won them fans around the country.

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Japan fans call Rugby World Cup player Luke Thompson “kawaii” for the way he speaks Japanese

An unlikely cute icon emerges from left field.

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Rugby World Cup 2019: Team Canada jumps off bus in yukata kimono…dressed like the dead

Embarrassing fashion faux pas has these players dressed in the same way that Japanese people dress dead bodies.

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Rugby World Cup fans perform lineout on floor of a Japanese train

People in Japan now concerned over what might happen on public transport during the Tokyo Olympics

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Japanese cities warned not to run out of beer for foreign visitors during Rugby World Cup

Beer shortages could damage host cities reputation on international social media, organizers worry.

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“Caterpillar Rugby” aims to level the playing field for people with and without disabilities

Sports are supposed to bring people together, giving a group a common goal to work towards and developing community spirit. Nevertheless, it can be difficult to find sports that everyone can enjoy, with many left out due to physical disabilities. However, the World Yuru Sports Association, which goes by Yuru Sports for short, has developed a game intended to level the playing field for everyone so people with and without disabilities get on the ground and play together.

And we mean get on the ground literally: the name of the game is caterpillar rugby and it’s incredibly accurate!

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London mayor Boris Johnson takes out 10-year-old Japanese kid during fun rugby match【Video】

It’s not every day that an enormous blonde-haired bear of a man comes to your school, agrees to play a quick game of rugby with you and then proceeds to knock you on your 10-year-old arse rather than let you win the ball.

But then, it’s not every day that London mayor Boris Johnson is visiting Japan…

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Twitter users request anime analogies to better comprehend the magnitude of Japan’s rugby win

Last weekend, the rugby world was shaken to its very foundations by a historically massive upset when Japan defeated South Africa. I read that it was an amazing game where the Japanese team did these things called “tries” or something…and then did an “over” at some point…

You might guess that I have no idea how rugby works. I have nothing against the sport—it actually looks interesting—but it and I have never really crossed paths. And apparently I’m not alone, as some in Japan have taken to Twitter to ask that the significance of this win be explained to them in terms they can better understand. Terms like Evangelion and Dragon Ball Z.

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Kung-fu rugby invades Hong Kong Sevens 2015

I have fond memories of going to the old Harlem Globetrotter games to watch all the sports-themed hijinks and hilarity of Curly, Twiggy, and the rest of the gang. Even though my father would later lose all of my college savings on ill-advised Baltimore Rocket bets, those games still hold a warm place in my heart.

And so, it’s great to see that this tradition of comedic sports entertainment lives on in 2015 as this brief video showing some highlights from a kung-fu rugby game during the Hong Kong Sevens tournament at the end of March.

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