Uniquely beautiful views of the city and a cardio workout like no other.

Though it lost its status as the tallest structure in Japan when the Skytree opened in 2012, Tokyo Tower is still, to many, the more iconic symbol of the capital. Situated closer to the city center and with a red-and-white color scheme that’s at once both nostalgic and fashionable, Tokyo Tower also provides great views of the city from its Main Deck observation floor.

The facility has been closed to visitors since April 8 because of the coronavirus outbreak, but with the easing of precautions as infection numbers decline, the Main Deck will reopen on Thursday, May 28. But while Tokyo Tower will be open for business, it won’t quite be business as usual, because most guests won’t be allowed to use the elevators.

Yep, if you want to go up to the Main Deck, which is 150 meters (492 feet) in the sky, you’re going to be asked to take the stairs.

If you’re wondering how many steps that is, it’s an even 600 from street level to the Main Deck. The staircase is actually an option even during normal operations, and as an exterior passageway, it provides a uniquely beautiful view of the city all the way up, though with enough enclosure to ensure you won’t fall over the edge.

Once at the Main Deck (which is about half-way up the total height of the tower), you’ll find markings on the floor to help visitors keep a distance of two meters (or one tatami mat) apart from each other as you admire the vistas…and also recover your stamina, since you’ll also have to make the 600-step trip back down the stairs on your way home.

While exceptions will be made allowing elderly or visitors with mobility limitations to use elevators (with strictly capped occupancies), for everyone else the stairs are the only way to go.

…so we’d recommend wearing lighter, more comfortable clothing than the cosplayer above did.

Source: NHK News Web via Otakomu
Top image: Wikipedia/ Volfgang
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