Local entomophiles are sure to be enchanted by this beetle which is equally split male-female down its body the long way.  

The Miyazaki Prefectural Museum of Nature and History in Miyazaki City is currently home to a rare find in the natural world–a sawtooth stag beetle (nokogiri kuwagata-mushi) that is equal parts male and female. 

The specimen was captured in Saito, a city slightly to the north of Miyazaki City, and brought to the museum in late July. It is an example of a gynandromorph, or an organism with both male and female characteristics (the term is especially used in the field of entomology). A museum staff member notes that this particular one must have come about by a rare genetic mutation which has less than a one in 10,000 chance of happening naturally. Furthermore, as its mismatched mandibles would cause it to be disadvantaged in food turf wars, finding a fully grown individual in the wild is even rarer.

▼ Meet today’s resident star of Miyazaki City–no word on a name yet!

So how does the mutation manifest visually in the beetle’s appearance? First, it is overall slightly smaller than a typical insect of its species. Its body is split almost perfectly in half by sex–the left side of its body is male and the right side is female. The male-side mandible and legs are significantly larger than the female side’s. Regardless, the beetle is in good health and is very energetic.

▼ A diagram showing male characteristics to the left and female to the right

As catching beetles is a favorite summertime pastime of Japanese children since ages past, we can imagine there must be many families eager to catch a glimpse of the beetle, which will remain at the museum for an unspecified time. If you happen to be passionate about insects and want to make a full adventure of it as well, consider seeking out these sweet potato vending machines in Miyazaki or even being paid to move to the prefecture as well.

Source: Asahi Shimbun via Livedoor News
Featured image: Twitter/@hakubutsukan1 
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