Japanese fruit sandwich store in Tokyo explodes in popularity, includes rare, expensive varieties

Luxury fillings you won’t find anywhere else.

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Weird Japanese vending machine find: Roasted potatoes in both hot and cold varieties

A machine created to help locals with disabilities

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Elderly woman drives at speed on sidewalk in Japan 【Video】

The scene was captured on video until she disappeared from view.

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We go to Kyushu’s Miyazaki Prefecture to feel like giants in (on?) a tiny party train【Photos】

Going slightly loco-motive in the stunning scenery of Japan’s southern Kyushu island, with bubbles!

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Studio Ghibli director Hayao Miyazaki cancels retirement, hires artists for last feature film

Applications are open to everyone, regardless of nationality.

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This Studio Ghibli-style “Legend of Zelda” video hits all the right notes 【Video】

Let’s start a petition to get this made in to a feature-length film right now!

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Watch the trailer for The Red Turtle, Studio Ghibli’s first release post-Hayao Miyazaki【Video】

Studio Ghibli proves they are still the masters of animation even without the esteemed Hayao Miyazaki at the helm.

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Man creates a glorious garden of scented flowers to make his blind wife smile again

This elderly couple turned their sad future around with the beauty of flowers and now thousands of people visit them when their garden blooms each year.

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Make your own Castle in the Sky, have an excuse to play with your food with this simple trick

A magically floating Castle in the Sky – of Studio Ghibli fame – made from yakisoba and a whole head of broccoli is making the Japanese Twitter rounds. And you can make one, too!

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New Miyazaki Pref. tourism ad gets laughs with the incomprehensible dialect of an ancient god

Looking for a great travel destination for the new year? Well, this one will at least ensure you never understand what anyone’s saying!

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Japanese ad promoting Miyazaki Prefecture shows how foreign its own dialects can be 【Video】

In an attempt to draw more visitors, Kobayashi City in Japan’s Miyazaki Prefecture has released a video to promote the natural beauty and appeal of the town. The ad features a French man, talking about the quirky yet charming nature of the locals and the beautiful environment the city has to offer. As he speaks, Japanese subtitles appear at the bottom of the screen, allowing those who don’t understand French to know what the man is saying.

But the last line of the ad is throwing many Japanese viewers for a loop, as it dawns on them that the man is not actually speaking French at all, but a local Miyazaki dialect.

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Miyazaki-inspired prints are gorgeous mashup of pop and traditional Japanese art

According to his online profile, when freelance illustrator Bill Mudron is not working on stuff that pays the bills, he “draws ridiculously nerdy stuff that he wants to hang on his walls but hasn’t been made yet by anyone else.” I don’t know about ridiculously nerdy, but he’s definitely not the only one who’s going to want to decorate with these Hayao Miyazaki-inspired illustrations in Japanese woodblock style.

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Get lucky: Survey polls Japanese women about their one-night-only amorous affairs in satin sheets

When it comes to sex, people like it all kinds of different ways. Some people don’t even like it at all, but as long as it’s consensual, we don’t care, as long as you’re happy! Nevertheless, we’re also pretty curious about it–maybe we’re busybodies or maybe the idea of people smooshing themselves together is just too funny not to think about.

Regardless of the why, we are naturally curious about sex in Japan. And we bet you are, too! So here’s a recent survey done with 3,000 Japanese women to find out how many have had one-night stands!

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You know what? An Alice in Wonderland/Spirited Away mashup actually kind of works!

Artist and T-shirt designer Saqman, who, despite his pen-name inadvertently reminding this writer of genitals, actually seems like a pretty wholesome guy, recently put together this spiffy and kind of spookily appropriate-looking mashup of Spirited Away and Alice in Wonderland, and it really works on a level we never really thought about!

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Ghibli’s Spirited Away film shrunk into 5-minute, 8-bit video

CineFix’s 8-Bit Cinema feature has turned plenty of popular films into video game-style videos likeTitanic, The Fast and the Furious, and The Walking Dead. On Tuesday, the group uploaded a version of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli‘s award-winning film Spirited Away, with a MIDI-version of Joe Hisaishi‘s score to boot. Much of the film’s story is condensed into a quick five minutes and is transformed into 8-bit and “a little bit of 16-bit” art.

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Miyazaki wanted to make “Parasyte” the next animated Studio Ghibli production

Parasyte, the creepy science fiction horror manga series about a boy with a sentient alien parasite living inside his arm, was almost the newest Studio Ghibli animated venture, it has been learned. Studio Ghibli’s former president Toshio Suzuki last week sensationally revealed the news that Hayao Miyazaki had intended to bid for the rights to the series, which eventually went to film studio Toho.

So, what is Parasyte and what, if anything, have we missed out on here?

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Ghibli food brought to life for one week of amazing lunches at elementary school in Japan

Recreating food from our favorite movies and anime is nothing new. We’ve already seen ramen straight out of Naruto and herring and pumpkin pot pie a la Kiki’s Delivery Service. But what is unusual is that this time it’s not die-hard anime fans breathing life into 2-D delicacies, but a cafeteria at one school in Japan. You won’t believe this special school menu featuring a week of delicious looking dishes from some of Hayao Miyazaki’s most famous works.

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Miyazaki City tries to get “Happy,” but will record labels allow it?

By now you are probably more than sick of hearing Pharell Williams’ “Happy.” We’re not ragging on the song, but we strongly suspect that the international hit, though infectious, has started to wear out its welcome. It took a dedicated Weird Al to even keep us interested through the summer, so we’d say it’s about time to put this song to bed. Maybe we’ll break it out again next summer and laugh at all the memories.

However, there is one thing the video has helped illustrate beyond people’s willingness to show off their dance skills (or lack thereof) for a YouTube video: The nebulous world of copyright violation in Japan.

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71-year-old man gets swept into sea, shows up at home a day later needing cash to pay for taxi

Luck comes in many forms. Sometimes it’s the avoidance of disaster and other times it’s the survival of disaster. And other times it’s just the result of being an indomitable bad-ass.

Take, for example, the 71-year-old man in Miyazaki Prefecture who went missing on April 24 after being swept off his fishing boat…only to appear at home the following day, soaking wet and asking for someone to pay for his taxi.

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This street looks exactly like Totoro, if you have horrible eyesight and squint really hard

Tsutsuki, near Yokohama, is making waves in the Japanese media for its unassuming highway that, when viewed from the right angle at night, forms the vague silhouette of Hayao Miyazaki’s beloved character, Totoro.

The lighting on the street in question was apparently deliberately planned by the city so that it would look like “an animal with ears”, but even planners hadn’t intended it to look like studio Ghibli’s famous cat-like mascot.

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