New vending machine prioritizes nutritional information over product packaging.

Drink vending machines by Japanese company DyDo have always incorporated some fun quirks, including free, recycled umbrellas during Japan’s rainy season or facial recognition technology to let customers buy drinks without pulling out a wallet.

Now the company has introduced yet another novel idea in the form of Japan’s first “reverse” vending machine which is stationed in Parche, a department store complex linked to JR Shizuoka Station, during the very limited time frame of September 17 to 23.

▼ The reverse vending machine

▼ The back and sides of the machine

“See the back”

This machine is intended to target particularly health-conscious customers by featuring a display in which the drinks’ caloric and nutritional information is displayed upfront as opposed to the packaging.

The concept apparently came about because a portion of DyDo’s customers expressed a desire to view this information, which is not always visible on bottles in typical vending machines, before making a purchase.

▼ Sample reverse drink displays with nutritional content clearly noted

In addition, the beverages themselves are grouped within the vending machine display according to their properties. These include several coffee-style drinks, additive-free drinks, metabolism-boosting drinks, and anti-heatstroke drinks. All DyDo drinks contain no preservatives as noted in the text on the back of the vending machine.

▼ Close-ups of the display

▼ The minimalist design kind of reminds us of the insect vending machine.

Presumably, how the vending machine fares this week will determine whether the company decides to implement more of the same machine on a larger scale in the future.

Be sure to check it out if you’re anywhere near Shizuoka Station and pick the drink that caters to your nutritional needs at the moment!

Source, images: PR Times
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