Japanese vending machines will now let your buy things using your face

Smile for the camera (and the drink).

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Japanese vending machines loan out free, recycled umbrellas during the country’s stormy summer

No purchase required, consideration for others strongly encouraged.

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Japanese vending machines now stock Pikachu drinks!

Recharge your batteries with Pikachu juice, in three gorgeous designs.

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Japanese drinks company attaches free “rental umbrellas” to its vending machines in Osaka

Japanese vending machines are a great example of the culture of convenience so prevalent in Japan. Whether you’re after orange juice that looks like soy sauce, or a hot, clam-packed miso soup to cure your hangover, if you want something fast, the nation’s vending machines will be there for you, come rain or shine.

Now one of the country’s largest drinks manufacturers, DyDo, is catering to customers who actually do find themselves caught out in the rain, with a free “rental umbrella” service attached to a number of their machines in Nishi Ward, Osaka.

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