One of Japan’s comfort foods will be available as a hot dessert drink straight from a vending machine! 

Sweets fan will no doubt be happy to hear that JR East Water Business and House Wellness Foods will be offering a unique dessert beverage that’s basically a roasted sweet potato in drinkable form.

Roasted sweet potato, called yakiimo in Japanese, has been a popular snack in Japan for close to two centuries since the late Edo period, and a particular favorite during the autumn and winter months. If you’ve ever had yakiimo in Japan, we think you’ll agree that there’s nothing quite as delectable as biting into a piping hot piece of sweet potato when you’re in need of warmth on a chilly winter day.

What’s even better, the new roasted sweet potato drink will be available at a push of a button from vending machines at JR East train stations across East Japan.

The drink, which is being marketed by the name Yakiimo Dayori (which roughly translates to “a message/gift of roasted sweet potatoes”), contains artificial flavoring to recreate the sweet taste and roasted scent of yakiimo. In addition, a bottle of the drink also includes 4.8 grams (0.17 ounces) of dietary fiber and 10 milligrams (0.000352 ounces) of Vitamin E, just to make it that much healthier.

The drink will be available exclusively from the “acure” vending machines located in JR East (East Japan Railway) stations starting October 17 at a price of 140 yen (US$1.25) for a 280 milliliter (9.5 ounces) bottle. JR East Water Business’s acure vending machines offer a wide range of drinks from different brands specifically selected to suit the needs of customers using the JR East stations, and Yakiimo Dayori should certainly make an interesting addition to the selection.

If you’re yearning for the sweet nourishment of a roasted sweet potato this winter but can’t find a yakiimo vendor (or truck) around, than this hot bottled drink just may be the next best option!

Source, images: House Foods Group