Discount vending machine in Japan serves up Caramel Popcorn Soda

And we’re not sure how we feel about it.

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CBD oil drinks now available in Japanese vending machines

But is it worth it?

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Coca-Cola’s new Coke ON subscription service makes Japanese vending machines more fun to use

For a monthly fee, collect a daily drink from any Coke ON eligible vending machine!

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7-Eleven Japan’s banana milk sparks controversy over deceptive packaging

Customers feel duped by “camouflage packaging”.

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Mysterious eyes found in Japanese vending machine coin slot

There’s something living inside this machine!

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DyDo is offering Japan’s first “reverse” vending machine of drinks for a very limited time

New vending machine prioritizes nutritional information over product packaging.

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We try the new Starbucks Classic Tiramisu Frappuccino from Japan

Coffee-soaked sponge pieces are just one of the many reasons to fall in love with this new dessert beverage.

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Starbucks Japan launches “Japan Wonder Project” with a golden roasted green tea Frappuccino

Starbucks Japan has unveiled another unique beverage — this time a roasted green tea-based Frappuccino that shines golden!

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Starbucks Japan kicks off New Starbucks Coffee Journey with unique “white coffee” drinks

This spring, Starbucks Japan invites you to enjoy a unique white coffee experience! 

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Are transparent drinks actually revealing “Japan’s dark side?”

Does peering into these colorless pseudo-waters reveal a deeper social problem?

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Japan set to receive amazing ribbon bow Coca-Cola bottles for Christmas this year【Video】

The ingenious design includes a tiny pull tab on the label that neatly folds itself into a spectacular festive bow with one smooth movement!

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New “Sleep Water” from Coca Cola Japan promises to help you drift off, wake up refreshed

The latest way to get a good night’s sleep in Japan is, apparently, by drinking water made by Coca Cola.

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Citrus-packing “Pepsi White” coming to Japan for the winter snow season

When it comes to limited-edition beverages, Pepsi continues to rise to the occasion year after year. And just when we thought we’d seen the last of Pepsi’s seasonal releases for 2015 with their mystery-flavoured Halloween range, they go and announce a special Christmas present, with the release of a new Pepsi White Cola for this year’s winter season.

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Is the world ready for Japan’s new Lemon & Mint Pepsi? 【Taste test】

So, mint is an extraordinarily versatile, exceedingly summer-appropriate ingredient. It can add a refreshing bite to savory dishes, is the essential main ingredient in basically all of the world’s best ice cream flavors, and is the star of the show in that most refreshing of summer beverages, the mojito (without which would basically just be watery rum).

Mint is the miracle substance that makes Asia’s hellish, your-buddy-just-spontaneously-combusted-hot summers just the slightest bit tolerable; a fact that beverage and snack makers in Japan are finally catching onto, with each passing year seeing better and more diverse mint-infused offerings.

But lemon and mint? That’s the new flavor combo Pepsi is banking on to be the next big thing with its new “Pepsi Special Lemon Mint” drink offering, and we’re just the slightest bit wary.

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DyDo’s coffee drink & Nintendo collab: We get nostalgic with limited edition 8-bit Mario figures

If, like me, you’re a tad obsessive when it comes to character goods and love the kitschy cross-promotions that often infiltrate Japanese convenience stores, here’s something that’ll perk you up: beverage company DyDo Drinco recently announced its “Super Mario Bros. Dot Figure Collection” campaign, to commemorate the anniversary of both its canned coffee drink and Nintendo’s worldwide phenomenon of a game.

Read up on the collaboration’s details after the jump and bear with me while I get a little sentimental. Also, thanks to excited YouTuber and goods enthusiast Satoshi Machida, you’ll get a close-up look at the pixelated (but not pixilated) cuties!

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Jojo’s bizarre coffee – Anime characters to grace cans of java in Japan

With their dramatic posing, frenetic accessorizing, and manic shouting, you could easily arrive at the conclusion that the cast of long-running manga and anime Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures is one seriously over-caffeinated set of super powered bare-knuckle brawlers.

Don’t expect Jojo and company to settle down anytime soon, though, as the characters created by artist Hirohiko Araki are set to grace cans of Coca-Cola Japan’s Georgia coffee this summer.

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She doesn’t need beer goggles to look cute, but we try Hello Kitty Beer anyway

As Japan’s most prodigious celebrity endorser, Hello Kitty certainly keeps busy. In this month alone, we’ve seen her grace Toshiba’s SD cards, and even transform herself into a cute, cuddly dislocated tooth to hawk toothpaste.

With such a hectic work schedule, it’s understandable that Kitty-chan should want to relax the same way many of us do after coming home from a long, hard day at the office: by cracking open a cold beer. Even then though, the hard-working feline is on the clock, with a new line of Hello Kitty Beer.

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