Authorities confirm the opening ceremony and live Kyary Pamyu Pamyu concert is delayed, but you can still enjoy lots of online entertainment.

Every year in late October, crowds flock to Tokyo’s Shibuya district in droves, reaching a fever pitch on the final day of the month. Just like the ghosts, ghouls and witches said to cavort amongst the streets on Halloween in tales of old, partygoers clog every street in their most fiendish and outrageous outfits; alcohol is imbibed in great quantity and sometimes cars get tipped over.

It’s clear in October 2020 that people gathering in close proximity for an extended time is a great way to put you at risk of catching the Covid-19 virus, no matter how swanky your Halloween mask is. So worried about this risk of contagion are the ward’s governmental figures that they’ve explicitly asked people not to gather at Shibuya this year, and have instead prepared a “virtual Shibuya” for would-be Halloweeners to enjoy.

▼ The site went live on October 26 and will last until the end of October 31 (JST).

The idea of the virtual Halloween space is quite cute; it allows any users who connect to travel through a virtual Shibuya from their computers, smartphones, or other mobile devices, utilizing cutting-edge au 5G technology so that spectators can see each other in the virtual space and also make use of augmented reality functions. Photo spots are enhanced by virtual jack-o-lanterns and fluttering bats, while the site also promises special interactive games and the opportunity to catch performances from real comedians (Osaka’s double-act Wagyu) and musicians (BiSH, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu). Excitingly, you can log in from all over the world provided you download the necessary “cluster” application.

BiSH, an idol group with serious visual flair.

Unfortunately, there was a hiccup with this admirable plan. when the site went up on October 26. The opening ceremony that had been scheduled for that date — as well as its accompanying mini-concert from worldwide creepy-cute pop sensation Kyary Pamyu Pamyu — suffered malfunctions due to the large number of users accessing the site simultaneously, and as such neither event took place. Authorities assert that the planned activities will take place at a later time, and asks those interested to wait for further announcements.

▼ The Scream Queen of Kawaii Halloween, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

Since the most recently published timetable for Virtual Shibuya has acts penciled in for every night, it’ll be interesting to see where they manage to squeeze the ceremony and Kyary’s concert back into the line-up.

We can be sure that the whimsical pop star will be willing to do whatever she can to ensure people stay at their computers instead of rampaging through the scramble crossing, if her stern message to wild party-goers last year is any indication.

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Sources: Net Lab, PR Times
Images: PR Times

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