If you can’t stop your spectacles from fogging up, you might as well make art with them.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect countries around the globe, sensible individuals are opting to stay indoors as much as possible and cover their faces with masks when heading outdoors.

There’s nothing in the social rulebook to say your mask has to be sensible, though. In fact, all this extra time at home has allowed some people to come up with crafty alternatives to the plain white face mask, and Twitter user Takahiro Shibata (@iine_piroshiki) is one of them.

Shibata has wowed us before with his skills in the kitchen, whipping up a sponge cake that looks like a dish sponge, and now he’s taking his love of food to the world of face masks, with the brilliant Ramen Mask.

The meticulously made mask features everything you’d expect from a good bowl of ramen: menma bamboo shoots; chashu braised pork; finely chopped scallions; a slice of fu wheat gluten; noodles; and a fatty, glistening broth.

However, the mask’s true beauty is realised when it’s strapped onto a bespectacled face, with the trapped air from the user’s mouth seeping out to fog up the glasses and create the appearance of steam. 

▼ Mmmm…tasty.

Shibata recently shared these photos of his creation online, where they quickly went viral, earning over 243,000 likes and 68,000 retweets.

People instantly fell in love with the idea of wearing a bowl of ramen on their face, leaving comments like:

“Brilliant! Brilliant! This is genius!”
“The details make it even more awesome – it looks just like a half-bowl of ramen!”
“You should call it the ‘Ramegane’!” 
[“megane” means “glasses”]
“Excellent way to work with the problem of fogged-up glasses rather than fight against it!”
“You should get a ramen store to sell these as souvenir items! They’d sell out immediately!”
“Where can I buy one?!”

While Shibata does sell some of his creations online, unfortunately the Ramen Mask isn’t currently available for sale. There’s nothing to stop you from copying the look, though, and given that he’s provided step-by-step instructions on how to make giant sunflower seed cookies in the past, there’s a chance he might follow up with more details soon.

Until then, why not make a bold fashion statement by adding this crazy fish face mask to your collection?

Source: Twitter/@iine_piroshiki via Net Lab
Images: Twitter/@iine_piroshiki

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