Police deliver swift justice.

The sight of a deliveryman at your door isn’t anything unusual these days, what with the unprecedented number of online shopping options and attempts to limit outside shopping trips during the pandemic. It’s still important to be on your guard when someone you don’t know shows up on your doorstep, though, as an incident that occurred this week in Tokyo illustrates.

At around 10:30 on Monday morning, someone rang the doorbell of Japanese adult video actress Yuria Satomi at her high-rise condominium across the street from Tokyo’s Naka-Meguro Station.

▼ Yuria Satomi (left)

The man, dressed in a deliveryman’s outfit, said he had a delivery for her. As she opened the door to take a closer look at the package, though, another man, dressed in normal street clothes, came rushing towards the entrance to her home.

Satomi shouted and tried to push the door closed, but the two men pounded on it from the outside, forcing it open once again and making their way into the condominium. “I’ve stabbed people,” one of them threateningly boasted before commanding “Give us your money.”

The men then stole approximately six million yen (roughly US$57,000) in cash that Satomi had inside of a safe in her walk-in closet and in envelopes in her condo. The home invasion lasted roughly 20 minutes, but and she was thankfully unharmed.

Once the thieves were gone, Satomi contacted the police and reported the shocking crime that had taken place in one of downtown Tokyo’s swankier neighborhoods. Thankfully, the path to justice proved to be incredibly short. Security camera footage showed the two men getting into their getaway car, where an accomplice had been waiting, and driving off. A little over four hours later, the car was spotted in Kanagawa Prefecture, which borders Tokyo to the south and all three men were apprehended.

▼ Satomi, speaking about the incident, seems remarkably calm for someone who just went through such a frightening ordeal.

In addition to the nature of the crime, the ages of the three criminals, who have admitted to the accusations, are startling, with the two who broke into Satomi’s condominium being 19 and 17-years-old, and the getaway driver also a teen, at 19.

At the time of their apprehension, they had roughly four million yen of the stolen money in their car. Police are still investigating what happened to the remaining two million, and believe that the three teens may have been working off of prior knowledge that the condominium belonged to Satomi or that a large amount of cash was contained within, and are investigating how they could have obtained that knowledge.

Sources: TBS News via Hachima Kiko, NHK News Web
Top image: Pakutaso
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