New collaboration services honor your departed pets as full members of the family while also granting you and your remaining family some closure.

Kyoto-based company PET began offering pet funeral services throughout the southern-central Kansai region of Japan late last year. On December 30, it further announced a new partnership with Jomanji (成満寺), a well-established Buddhist temple of the Jodo Shinshu sect in Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto Prefecture.

▼ Jomanji, founded in 1603

While pet cremation services in Japan have diversified in recent years, PET Director Yu Naohara was inspired to create the new temple pet funeral services Annon (お寺のペット葬 安穏), with Annon meaning “peace” or “tranquility,” in light of his own experience of grieving a beloved family pet and not feeling like enough care or attention was put into its funeral.

Annon’s services are distinguishable from other current offerings by three main factors:

  1. A Buddhist priest will conduct exactly the same services for a departed pet as they would for a human
  2. A memorial movie honoring the departed pet will be made by a professional videographer
  3. The funeral service will include genuine, pet-exclusive altar fittings

▼ A sample Annon memorial movie for a dog named Koko

With all of these personalized details, the services are not only meant to serve as a respectful farewell to a beloved member of the family but also to help guide the remaining family members towards peace and closure.

When it comes to the actual funeral, a Buddhist priest will hold the service in the main temple building followed by another ceremony on the grounds during which the pet’s cremated ashes are dedicated to its family in a funerary urn.

▼ Here is the main team leading the partnership. Left: Kosuke Emoto (helps with PET marketing and social media), Center: Akihide Kimoto (Buddhist priest), Right: Yu Naohara (PET Director)

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Images: PR Times
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