Provider boasts of least-expensive funerals in the industry, cremation costs included.

The Internet makes it incredibly easy to shop for just about anything, and not just physical goods. You can also find all sorts of services offered online, including Japanese funeral services, which can be contracted for with just a few clicks on Yahoo! Shopping Japan.

Provider Minrevi has a number of available plans, but claims that its Simple Plan is the industry’s most affordable. The plan includes undertaking services, two nights/three days’ storage of the body at the undertaker’s facility, cremation, and gathering of the ashes. On the other hand, the Simple Plan forgoes the all-night wake known as an otsuya and replaces the orthodox kokubetsushiki, a final ceremony performed before immediately before cremation with a time for loved ones to say a personal good-bye to the departed.

As a result, the Simple Plan costs just 128,000 yen (US$1,160), far less than other funeral services. Those who feel awkward about such a low-priced farewell can spruce the plan up with additional options such as a display of the deceased’s body, accompanied by Buddhist altars, for family and friends, with such emotional and spiritual niceties upping the cost to a maximum of 173,000 yen.

With online commerce having become such an ingrained part of modern life, perhaps it’s no surprise to see it also become part of death. Oh, and for those looking to splurge, Minirev’s Yahoo! Shopping store, found here, also has more extravagant, full-service funeral packages as well.

Source: IT Media, Simple na Ososhiki
Top image: Yahoo! Shopping Japan/Minirev
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