An anime dog, rabbit, and fox walk into a conbini.

VTubers have been taking over YouTube. Combining the power of streaming and cute anime girls, they’re a near unstoppable force, and standing at the top of them all is the organization Hololive.

There are dozens and dozens of VTubers under the Hololive umbrella, each with their own personalities and unique designs. They stream video games, music, and more in Japanese and English too.

Among all of them though, three of the most popular are Inugami Korone (a dog who wants your fingers), Usada Pekora (a rabbit with an insane laugh), and Shirakami Fubuki (the friend-zoning fox).

▼ Korone’s English playthrough of Super Mario Bros is a good starting point to check
them out. Though be warned: once you go down the rabbit hole, there is no escape.

But for fans who have already fallen down the Hololive hole long ago, now there are official clear files of those three VTubers available at FamilyMart stories in Japan.

▼ The official image for the campaign…


▼ …and what they look like inside the store.
For viewers, seeing their meme-able waifus in a real-life shop is quite the shock!

The clear files are on sale until January 25, or until supplies run out, across all FamilyMart locations in Japan. It’s a collaboration with the chocolate company Ghana, and in order to get a clear file, you have to purchase three Ghana products. For every three products you buy, you get to pick one clear file.

So of course that meant we had to buy 12 products to get all four!

▼ This mountain of snacks will go great with watching Hololive streams later.

The folders themselves are medium-sized, designed to fit A5-sized paper, slightly smaller than typical printer paper. Three of them have a single character on the front along with their personalized signature, and the fourth has all three of them together.

▼ Korone’s has paw prints, along with her dog-and-bone signature.

▼ …and of course the word “yubi” (“finger”) is running along underneath it, upside down.

▼ Pekora’s has carrots, plus her kinda-mad-kinda-cute signature.

▼ And Fubuki’s has corn (which sounds like kon, the sound foxes make in Japan), plus fox ears and a tail in the signature.

▼ The one with all three together is perfect for when you just can’t choose.

The campaign has been very popular so far, with fans sharing their clear file bounties online:

“I got eight! Since I didn’t want to buy out a single store,
I went to three different shops! It was a lot of work!”

“I wonder if I can use these at school lol.
I could only afford two, but that’s good enough for me!”

“This morning I got a Hololive and FamilyMart clear
file and turned it into an iPhone case. Yubi yubi (^o^)”

If you missed out on Pekora’s plum wine, then this is a great way to show your support for your favorite VTubers. It’s only a matter of time before they take over everything, so best to get on their good side now!

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