Otaku have fallen in love with the affordable solution to a frustrating problem.

One of the stranger pseudo-loanwords you’ll run into in Japanese is kuria fairu, or “clear file.” That’s because they aren’t clear. Instead, the pliable plastic document holders are actually translucent because of their thin material, and often decorated with anime artwork.

In the modern era, pretty much every otaku has a stack of clear files in their home, acquired as freebies for movie ticket reservations, fan event attendance, convenience store tie-up snack purchases, or parting with a vial of their blood. But of course, no one wants to actually use the files for holding papers, because that could cause the plastic to warp or scratch, damaging the artwork.

And so the clear files go unused. However, thanks to one of Japan’s favorite budget-friendly home furnishings shops, instead of your clear files just sitting there, they could be hanging everywhere.

A while back, furnishings chain Nitori specifically tweeted out a message to otaku, letting them know that they stock a frame that’s perfect for fitting clear files into. At first, that might not seem like anything special, until you realize that clear files themselves are a weird size. Most of them are designed to hold A4-size documents, essentially the size of a standard sheet of printer paper, but in order for the documents to fit, the clear file itself has to be slightly bigger. So when you try to frame a clear file, you’re essentially putting a document holder inside of another document holder, and that means that a for-A4-size clear file won’t quite fit in a for-A4-size frame.

However, Nitori boasts that its “Poster Frame B4 with Mat” is the perfect solution. Designed to fit slightly larger B4-size artwork, the frame also comes with thick paper mat/border that can be set inside the frame so it can be used with A4-size items too. But when you slide the item you’re framing underneath the paper mat, there’s still room before it hits the corners of the B4-size hard frame.

▼ A clear file inside the Nitori frame


Yes, this does mean a tiny sliver of the outside edge of the clear file’s art is hidden, but it actually allows you to frame the file, something you can’t do with an A4-size frame.

The paper mat also helps keep the clear file centered within the frame, instead of falling to the bottom like it would with just any oversized frame.

https://twitter.com/nobu1199nb/status/1212665587312164864 https://twitter.com/Mganhyahhoo/status/1204012423109234689

Granted, you could also solve this dilemma by ordering custom-sized frames, but that involves a lot of extra hassle and expense, especially when Nitori sells these frames through its online shop here for just 636 yen (US$5.95). Because really, any time and money you save is time and money you could be putting toward your anime hobby instead.

Source: Twitter/@NitoriOfficial 
Featured image: Twitter/@NitoriOfficial
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