Just when you thought they couldn’t possibly come out with any more Hatsune Miku merch…someone finds a way to get the teal-haired songstress’ face on yet another new product!

Introducing Hatsune Miku eye drops! The drops, called ‘DigiEye’, are a collaboration between ‘digital super idol’ Hatsune Miku and Rohto Pharmaceutical Co.

These eye drops are specially designed for ‘people living in the digital age’, and claim to help protect the eye against damage caused by the blue light emitted from the screens of electronic devices. With these to hand, Miku’s fans will be able to stare at her on their screens for even longer!

Comments from net users were surprisingly positive; clearly people aren’t fed up of Miku just yet!

“My angel Miku is appearing on eye drops! …Eye drops?!”

“She’s even on medicine now…”

“I wonder where they’ll sell it. Somewhere like FamilyMart would be best. I’d be happy if it were in the drugstore too…”

“It reduces blue light? I want it!”

“The design is nice.”

The drops are due to go on sale across Japan from July 13. I can definitely see them being a big hit in anime and electronic paradise Akihabara which probably has not only the highest concentration of Miku fans, but also of people who are in dire need of a product like this.


Source: Jin115
Images: Twitter