Ever wanted to try instant shark-fin noodle soup?

Instant noodles are a staple for office lunches, quick dinners, and low-effort snacks, and with a huge variety of flavors–from sour cream and onion yakisoba to 40 billion lactic acid kimchi ramen to super chewy mochi wheat kitsune udon–you can be assured there’s enough flavors that you can eat them every day and never get bored.

One popular brand of instant ramen in Japan is Myojo Foods Chuka Zanmai, which is made up of Chinese-style ramen and broth flavors for all palates. In fact, they’re so successful they’ve been around for 70 years this year! In celebration, the company has come up with the very appropriate idea to sell ultra-luxurious, super expensive, limited edition instant noodles.

The Zei no Kiwami Set, which translates to “Height of Luxury”, sells for 5,000 yen (US$48.22) and contains just two packs of instant ramen. But don’t worry, they aren’t just ordinary instant noodles; as the name suggests, these are high-quality flavors that are designed to emulate eating at a high-class Chinese restaurant.

The first flavor is Shark-fin Noodle Soup, which includes a real shark fin that has retained its shape through cooking. The fin has been seasoned with ginger and Shaoxing wine, and is served together with a thick, rich broth of chicken, pork, oysters, and pot herbs. Bok choy is also included. Though controversial, shark fin soup is a luxury that can cost a pretty penny in Chinese restaurants, so the fact that it’s included in this set makes it pretty fancy!

Accompanying that is the “Extremely Thick Chashu Ramen”, which actually comes with a voluminous serving of soft, juicy roast pork chashu fillets. The noodles in this instant ramen package are flexible, slightly translucent, and are not fried like other brands, which is Chukazanmai’s signature. They’re to be served together with spices, bok choy, bamboo shoots, and shiitake mushrooms in a sweet and spicy Chinese-style soy sauce-based broth made with Cantonese XO sauce, oysters, pork extract, and pot herbs.

Both flavors come in a chic black box, which is subtly decorated with embossed flower designs. The box itself could be considered a collectible, as it opens like a book to show off your luxury ramen with dramatic effect. Sadly, though, the set, which was released on both Amazon and Rakuten, is already sold out. They haven’t announced whether they will be restocked, but if they won’t, you might have luck finding it on one of the flea market apps online if you want to try out one of these flavors!

Source, images: Myojo Foods
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