Who needs high-end gear when you can go to a 100 yen store?

If you’re an avid reader of SoraNews24, you already know how much we love Daiso. Whether it’s potato chip makers or spoons for eating curry, Daiso knows how to make quality products affordable. So when our Japanese language reporter Go Hatori heard that Daiso released a new sleeping bag ahead of camping season in Japan, he had to try it out on his rooftop balcony.

▼ At first glance, it’s definitely a decent-looking size.

As you can tell by the price tag, though, it doesn’t come at the usual price of 100 yen – it’s priced at 1,000 yen (US$9.18) instead. Considering its decent dimensions of 75 centimetres by 180 centimetres (2.46 by 5.9 feet) and the fact that it comes with its own storage bag, we’d say that’s pretty reasonable.

▼ It doesn’t take up that much space when it’s properly stored, too.

The catch is that it’s only recommended for use in temperatures of at least 15 degrees Celcius (59 degrees Fahrenheit), so you might want to save this for summer or bring another blanket if the temperature dips below that.

▼ But just imagine the nights spent in the great outdoors inside this steal!

Go thought it looked pretty warm, and he discovered something even better when he unzipped the sleeping bag.

▼ The zipper is secured at the top with an extra Velcro buckle, by the way.

When you spread it out, it suddenly has so much more space! You could use it for so much more than just a sleeping bag.

▼ It could be great as just a blanket or even a layer of padding for your whole tent.

It was finally time for Go to give it a go on his rooftop balcony. He bundled himself into the envelope and closed it up.

▼ He already looks snuggled in.

Then he moved around a bit like a worm to see how comfortable it would be in different positions.

▼ A little adjusting here…

▼ A little thrashing there…

Final verdict: Go thinks it’s pretty warm and comfortable!

▼ He’s snug as a bug in a rug (or a caterpillar in a sleeping bag).

Go also thought that with all of the great things 100 yen shops are releasing now – tents, hammocks, grills, and even chairs – you could have a complete camping experience just by shopping there!

▼ This could be Go’s next staycation.

So if you’re considering a camping trip in Japan but you don’t want to shell out a ton of cash for the event, try stopping by your local Daiso first. You’ll find everything you need plus a few things you didn’t know you needed.

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