Enjoy nature and experience Buddhist traditions, all in one.

Summer is coming, and that means camping season is almost here! Camping is trending right now in Japan, and while veranda camping is the most popular way to spice up the stay-at-home life at the moment, there are also some new ways to enjoy sleeping in nature that you can file away for future expeditions. For example, a brand new type of camping that also offers Zen Buddhist experiences and a relaxing sauna is coming soon, and by the sounds of it, you’re going to want to try it!

Temple Camp Daitaiji in Wakayama Prefecture in western Japan is set to open in June, and it’s the first campsite in Japan to be allowed on a temple’s grounds. The grounds of 1,200-year-old Daitaiji Temple has enough space to fit four campsites and five RVs, complete with electrical outlets for each.

In addition to traditional campground amenities like toilets and fire pits, Temple Camp Daitaiji also offers numerous Buddhist experiences, such as guided Zazen meditation, ringing the temple bell in the morning, a tour of the temple’s Buddhist statues, meditative sutra copying, and a monk’s traditional rice gruel breakfast.

You can also enjoy a riverside tent sauna that lets you steam out your impurities. Since it’s next to a clear stream, after you’ve sweated to your heart’s content, you can bathe in the cool waters of nature to wash it all off.

The site also has access to the Kumano Kodo, the Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range, which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites and historical landmarks that not only feature amazing architecture but also beautiful natural hikes. For those interested in Buddhist and Shinto history and culture, this is a dream spot to stay!

The cost to rent a camp space is just 3,000 yen (US$27.58) per night for all campers, including tent campers, car campers, and RV campers, though, sadly, you can only reserve for one night at a time. You can also pay extra to stay inside the temple, which offers full hotel amenities and even a private villa-like bungalow.

Revitalize your spirit in nature, refresh your body in the sauna, and open your heart with Zen; if you’re looking for a break from the stress of the pandemic or your otherwise hectic everyday life, then look no further than Temple Camp Daitaiji. You can make reservations on their website, which is also available in English for international visitors, and don’t forget to stock up for your camping trip at Daiso before you go!

Source: PR Times, Temple Camp Daitaiji
Images: PR Times

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