Japan’s favorite 100 yen store poops out three adorable new turds.

As you may have noticed, we sometimes have a relatively lax attitude about the concept of maturity here at SoraNews24. And yet, our Japanese-language writer Go Hatori has been feeling that maybe the time has come for him to grow up just a little.

For example, when he was in elementary school, the concept of poop was hilarious. But now, as a full-grown man?

…well…OK, it’s still pretty funny. So though Go has been considering that it might be time for him to put away certain childish things in his personality, when he happened upon an entire shelf of poo-shaped handheld fans on a recent trip to 100 yen store Daiso, he immediately thought “And so it begins…”

We should point out that Go wasn’t being forced by Daiso to buy a poo fan. As a matter of fact, right next to them was another box full of fans shaped like bears.

But for Go, the question wasn’t whether to buy a poo fan or a bear fan, but which of the three poo fan options to take home.

Always a sucker for a pretty face, Go settled on the cutest of the bunch, the poo with sparkles in its eyes and alluring long lashes.

The Handy Fan Poo, to use its official name, requires no batteries. Instead, you squeeze the turd, or, technically, the handle it’s attached to, to spin a pair of blades and create a soothing breeze.

Go is happy to report that the Handy Poo Fan does indeed work as advertised, and helped keep his body cool and his juvenile spirit entertained. Sure, it’s not really a substitute for an electric fan or full-on air conditioning system, but for 100 yen (US$0.93), he’s completely satisfied.

▼ Thankfully, the airflow produced by the Handy Fan Poo is unscented.

At this point, some of you might have remembered that this isn’t Go’s first foray into poo-based lifestyle products. He’s also the proud owner of a reforming throwable poo stress ball, not just one, but two light-up poo sticks, and a pair of poo sunglasses.

Go got all of these at Daiso, and it’s gotten to the point where he’s started to mentally associate anthropomorphic feces with the chain. Disneyland has Mickey, Nintendo has Mario, and Daiso has poo.

Whether it’s a deliberate branding strategy or not, the fact that Daiso keeps making new poo products suggests that the line sells reasonably well, and so Go expects the flow to continue regularly for some time to come.

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