Daiso may have a leg up on other other stores, but can it match up to a name brand?

If you’re active during the summer or warmer weather, then you’ve probably come across Teva sandals. They’re simple, durable, and functional. They offer a great way to keep your feet comfy and cool in a way that fashion sandals often can’t.

That’s why we were stoked when we saw some Teva lookalike sandals at Daiso. They’re only 500 yen (US$4.74), which is pretty darned cheap considering an average pair of Tevas costs at least $50 in Japan. And if you know anything about how great the quality of Daiso products can be (potato chips, anyone?), then you know it’s worth trying out.

▼ At first glance, you might not be able to tell they’re from a 100-yen shop!

When our Japanese-language reporter Mameko Ryokuto put on the sandals, though, she noticed something wrong right away: the straps were really long. Like, really, really long. But more than that, the right sandal’s strap was way bigger than the left.

▼ Okay, now we can tell these aren’t the real deal. Had us fooled.

Thankfully, it was an easy enough fix to cut the straps down to a more reasonable size with a pair of scissors. Mameko bought a pair of 24.5-centimeter (or a size 8.5 in the States) sandals even though she normally wears 23-centimeter shoes (size 6). Surprisingly, they weren’t as humongous on her as she thought!

▼ There’s no slipping out of these babies.

The only catch is that these sandals are only available in two sizes: 24.5 centimeters or 27 centimeters. As Mameko has proven, you can probably manage to fit into them if you’re a couple of sizes smaller than 24.5 or 27, but anything smaller or bigger than that will put you out of the running.

▼ But if you do fit those criteria, you’re in for a cheap but stylish pair of sandals!

Overall, we were pretty satisfied with our purchase. It takes some luck and a bit of adjustment, but Daiso has proven once again that you can be fashionable on a budget.

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