Rent the same gear, eat the same food, and camp in the same place as Rin and Nadeshiko!

If you’ve seen the anime Laid-Back Camp (also known as Yuru Camp in Japanese)–which is one of our resident otaku’s top 92 anime of the 2010s–then you’ve probably fallen under its influence and been possessed with a desire to go camping.

This casual, slice-of-life, high school girl-led story about camping paints the Japanese countryside in a beautiful light and makes camping look like a dream come true. It might be the reason why camping has seen such a burst in popularity in Japan lately!

The anime is set in beautiful Yamanashi, the prefecture that’s home to Mt. Fuji (a title shared with neighbouring Shizuoka Prefecture) and its famed Five Lakes area, a popular site for resorts and campgrounds. If you’re a fan of the show, you’ve probably wanted to visit, and now, thanks to outdoor resort company Pica, you have the option to not only camp in Yamanashi but practically become like Rin and Nadeshiko by camping in the same place using the exact same gear, and eating the exact same food (that is, if you don’t already have your own Laid-Back Camp Ita-tent).

Starting on October 1, you can purchase Pica’s Yuru Camp Overnight Experience package and rent the same tents, sleeping bags, chairs, tables, lanterns, and burners that the characters in Laid-Back Camp use.

They’ll also supply you with cooking gear and the ingredients to cook a meal that appears in the anime: Dan Dan Gyoza, or dumplings in a spicy soup. Of course, you can’t camp without marshmallows–especially if you’re trying to replicate scenes from Laid-Back Camp, so those are also included, plus a hearty breakfast you can cook over a campfire.

The plan is a one-night-only package that lets you stay on the shores of Lake Saiko, which offers a splendid view of Mt. Fuji. True to the anime’s theme, you can either enjoy a night of solo camping or bring a friend to join you, as up to two people can rent one tent.

The package costs 13,000 yen for one person (US$118.50) or 7,500 yen per person for parties of two. That price is the same all year round, which is nice considering many resorts increase prices around peak times. Reservations for the package are now open on Pica’s website, so go check it out if that tickles your fancy.

Even if you’re not a fan of the anime, or if you’re new to camping, this is a great way to get introduced, as they supply everything you need! The next time you feel the call of the great outdoors, why not check out Pica’s Yuru Camp Overnight Experience?

Source, images: PR Times
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