Crazy about Peanuts and makeup? Then these are the tools for you.

If you’re a Peanuts fan, Japan is the best place to be. Along with all different kinds of merch, there’s a cafe, a hotel, and more!

This time around, Japanese company Hikidashi has teamed up with Peanuts to release a limited series of traditionally-made, Peanuts-themed makeup brushes. The series includes a Snoopy face brush, a Belle blush brush, and a Woodstock eyeshadow brush.

▼ Because we all know it’s the animal characters we love the most.

Each goat bristle brush is handmade by brush-makers and comes with its own wooden storage case. The brushes are crafted according to the traditional Kumano brush-making method, part of which uses rice husk ashes to refine animal hairs used as bristles.

▼ Imagine the sheer technique that goes into these brushes.

In this limited makeup brush series, The Snoopy face brush (6,600 yen, US$58) features some black-colored bristles among the natural beige to create an image of Snoopy’s face. You can use this with powder foundations, setting powders, and more.

▼ It comes in its own wooden case with another illustration of Snoopy in his pilot outfit.

▼ And there’s an illustration of Woodstock on the cherry blossom wood handle.

This one is only available for preorder right now, so those who order it can expect to receive it in December.

The Belle blush brush (4,070 yen) features pink-tipped bristles trimmed to appear like a heart when viewed from the side. On the handle is an illustration of Belle, Snoopy’s sister.

▼ The indent in the middle makes blush application easier, and the handle is made of aesthetically pleasing zelkova wood.

▼ Since one of the spots on her back is heart-shaped, the brush bristles were trimmed to a heart shape as well.

The Woodstock eyeshadow brush (2,640 yen) has yellow-tipped bristles and several illustrations of Woodstock on the handle made of Mizumesakura wood, a type of birch.

▼ Since he’s the smallest character in the show, it’s only fitting he has the smallest (but cutest) brush.

▼ Snoopy also makes an appearance on the case.

You can order/preorder the items on Hikidashi’s website.

While the brush-makers are all professionals and the images look perfect, Hikidashi does warn that since they are handmade, each product may end up looking slightly different from the pictures on the site. In any case, they would make a great gift for the Peanuts-loving makeup junkie in your life.

It’s certainly better than asking them to slice their favorite characters in half with a knife!

Source, images: PR Times, HKDS Store
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