A total of 17 manga stars were chosen by fans in four categories.

Back in December of 2021, manga e-book service BookLive embarked on a mission to create the first-ever Magademy Awards, in which not the artists or writers, but the characters themselves are nominated for the top prizes.

After about a month of accepting open nominations from manga fans online, BookLive has compiled a shortlist of 17 characters, which they announced on 8 February. In order to qualify, the character must have appeared in a digital tankobon edition of a manga released between 1 December, 2020 and 30 November, 2021.

These two-dimensional-in-a-good-way characters were divided into the four categories listed below along with the work that they appeared in and an exemplary reason for their nomination.

Best Male Lead Character

Eren YeagerAttack on Titan
“This series is completed, but it was a masterpiece from beginning to end that followed the life of Eren Yeager. His desire to save the lives of his friends and his thirst for freedom remained unchanged from the first volume to the last. He’s truly an unforgettable character.”

Sakamichi OnodaYowamushi Pedal
“He’s hardly just a soft-looking young otaku. With an overwhelming presence and inner resolve… Sakamichi Onoda is a protagonist’s protagonist. I can’t help but look forward to how he grows stronger each time I read.”

Totono KunoDo Not Say Mystery
“His abilities of observation, insight, and memory are amazing, and even though he struggles with daily matters, every word that Totono-kun utters is deep and profound. I wish I knew someone like him… No wait, he’s such a nice character I want to be like Totono-kun.”

Mutta NanbaSpace Brothers
“I nominate Mutta Nanba, because he has a lot of charming humanity, even when it looks awkward! He’s a middle-aged star! Whenever he says things like “Most of the time, I’m my own worst enemy” my tear ducts get annihilated.”

BojjiRanking of Kings
“Whenever I see him it’s like my heart is cleansed. He is small and can’t speak, but he is the best king, giving courage and enormous love to everyone simply with his facial expressions and deeds.”

Best Female Lead Character

Hayame KatsuragiPromise Cinderella
“A character who sticks to her beliefs is very cool and compelling! Her weak points are even adorable and cute. She is undoubtedly a protagonist who will tug at your heartstrings.”

Yoi TakiguchiUruwashi no Yoi no Tsuki
“She is the latest heroine from Mika Yamamori! The story is full of heart-wrenching moments and I read it in agony every time. The art is beautiful and both she and the male lead look gorgeous! Every frame is beautiful!”

FrierenFrieren: Beyond Journey’s End
“I think she must have a lot of regrets in her heart after parting with her companions so many years ago, but I’m attracted to her attitude of focusing on living in the present and moving forward.”

Mao MaoThe Apothecary Diaries: The Palace Cloister Mystery-Solving Notebook of Mao Mao
“While always keeping her cool, her kindness and occasional glimpses of humanity are lovely. She sometimes gets blinded by science, but is very cute.”

YonaYona of the Dawn
“Despite being a princess of Kouka, when her father dies she must fight to survive and face hardships. She’s very cool! However, she also has an adorable girlish side that is fitting for her age. Cute and cool, she is the strongest heroine!”

Best Male Supporting Character

Furuya ReiDetective Conan
“He looks cool at first glance, but when he’s in front of Shuichi Akai becomes very emotional. The time when he’s at the police academy made me laugh out loud and from the bottom of my heart. As the story goes on we become more familiar with various aspects of his character and grow even more fond of him.”

KageRanking of Kings
“I think the friendship between Kage and Bojji is the heart of the story! After he was reformed, I can feel his devotion to protecting Bojji, and I’m also encouraged by the kind things he says to Bojji.”

Manjiro SanoTokyo Revengers
“Although insanely strong, he’s a good friend, but he’s also lonely, keeping everything inside and sacrificing himself for others. He relentlessly protects people with a sincere smile, and even if things don’t work out, he is willing to fight to the bitter end with his friends. I can’t help but think of his as a great person for that.”

Levi AckermanAttack on Titan
“He has a bad mouth and grim expression, but deep down is the kindest and friendliest person. He is the strongest human and it is beautiful and cool to see him continuously fight for his friends both living and dead, while carrying the sadness of those he lost.”

Best Female Supporting Character

Yoko SatoThe Fable
“A hard-drinking, butt-kicking, beautiful woman with an outstanding memory and gentle side that cares about those around her. She’s high-spec both mentally and physically and a person I greatly admire.”

Yuatya (Yua Takahashi)Ashita, Watashi wa Dareka no Kanojo
“I find myself often sympathizing with Yuatya drive and passion in the things she does and says. Crazy about fashion and host clubs, she is THE epitome of the woman you don’t want to bring home to your parents, but she also has an endearing sensitive and friendly side.”

Shinobu WakamiyaChihayafuru
“A lonely woman who loves karuta more than people. I too want to love one thing for a long time like she does. I also like the fact that she is beautiful but wears ugly clothes.”

From now, a special judging committee, made up of major bookstore employees and comedian Kendo Kobayashi, will chose the 2021 Magademy Award winners, who will be announced on 16 March. It is unclear how this announcement will be made, but a black-and-white-carpet event seems unlikely since the winners don’t exist.

Source: Magademy Awards 2021, Otaku.com, PR Times
Images: PR Times
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