Well, the public has already come forward and said that Attack on Titan‘s abrasive, but secretly caring Levi is one the most dateable anime characters of all time (the public also said they love boobs… a lot), so it’s no surprise that Levi is getting the star treatment even outside of anime circles.

On June 27, Levi graced the cover of the popular women’s magazine, FRaU, for the magazine’s book and manga special edition that included a manga awards page – several of which, no doubt, Levi is now the proud owner of.

Artist and Attack on Titan creator Hajime Isayama drew the cover especially for the issue, which features Levi reclining in a fancy office chair, with a manga and a pair of classy loafers; a look the youthful hero probably doesn’t get to sport too often in the world of Attack on Titan.


Inside, the issue featured a long interview with Isayama where he talked about, uh… anime things. I don’t know, okay? I was too embarrassed to pick up a copy at the convenience store.

The special issue obviously indicates that women and girls are reading and enjoying Attack on Titan as much as the guys are, alluding to the possibility that the runaway hit manga and anime’s secret to success is broad appeal, despite the series’ ultra-violence and dystopian setting.

The 12-page feature and the rest of the magazine – if you’re into male J-Pop idols and girls fashion advice – can be yours at newsstands and convenience stores for 690 yen (US$6.80).

To wrap things up, here is a cool compilation of Levi being Levi on the show:

Source: Hachima Kikou
Photo: FRaU via Hachima Kikou