Late-night motorcycle ride home takes a sudden, scary turn as earthquake hits.

Late Wednesday night, at roughly 11:35 p.m., a powerful earthquake shook Japan. The 7.3-magnitude quake was centered off the coast of Fukushima Prefecture, which meant no major damage in Tokyo, but it did result in one very creepy video taken in the capital.

When the quake hit, Japanese Twitter user @yamashomove’s younger brother was on his motorcycle, riding home for the night. His course had him riding by Tokyo’s Sengawa Station, which, while not in the center of downtown, is still a large, developed Chofu suburb.

▼ Sengawa Station

Because of the late hour, there weren’t many other cars on the street during @yamashomove’s brother’s ride.

▼ The view from his helmet cam

When the earthquake hit, though, it caused a power outage, and it wasn’t just like someone flipped a switch that turned off the lights, but one that turned off the entire world.

▼ Yep, that’s the same street.

All of a sudden, the only light sources were the bike’s headlight and the surfaces it could reflect off of, and with no one else around the inky, still darkness is all the more unsettling as @yamashomove’s brother brings the bike to a stop to assess the situation.

▼ Here’s where he is in the video when the power goes out, if you want to see just how much of the world disappeared.

▼ An extended-length version of the video

Between Tokyo’s size and the number of shops and restaurants that stay open late into the night, it’s extremely unusual to see any part of the city this devoid of light, especially so suddenly. “Freaky. It’s like something out of a movie,” @yamashomove tweeted. Adding to the fear factor is that with the power out, so were all of the area’s traffic signals, but thankfully @yamashomove reports that his brother made it home, and back to a world of light, safe and sound.

Source: Twitter/@yamashomove via Jin
Top image: Twitter/@yamashomove
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