Private open-air bath, stylish lounges, and a touch of video game history.

When Nintendo was founded back in 1889, no one expected it to become as big as it is today. But as time went by, the humble playing card manufacturer evolved into one of the most successful entertainment companies on the planet, and that, of course, means it’s outgrown its old offices.

So it’s been quite a while since Nintendo last held any meetings in its former headquarters building in Kyoto’s Kagiyamachi neighborhood, which was built in 1933 and also served as home of the Nintendo-founding Yamauchi family. The place is about to be buzzing with activity once again, though, as this Friday is the grand opening of Marufukuro, a new hotel which the former HQ has been converted into.

Marufukuro takes its name from Marufuku, the distribution company Nintendo set up for its playing cards, and -ro, a Japanese suffix meaning “mansion.” The hotel looks to be taking the “ro” part quite seriously, too, as Marufukuro is a luxurious property, with nearly half of its 17 guestrooms being suites.

▼ Those doors on the right side of this photo of one of Japanese-style suites, for instance, step out into a central terrace with a rotenburo open-air bathtub.

The hotel is comprised of both the former Nintendo HQ and a new wing designed by award-winning architect Tadao Ando. Rooms located in the old Nintendo building employ aesthetic touches from the time of the original construction in the 1930s, while those in the newly added wing focus on a more modern simplicity.

▼ A suite in the former Nintendo building…

▼ …and one in the new wing.

The visual style is decidedly on the old-school-cool side of the scale in the hotel’s library and lounge, though.

▼ New wing Standard King room

▼ Nintendo HQ Superior King room

Marufukuro is billing itself as an “all-inclusive” hotel, by which it means that breakfast, dinner, drinks, and light fare served at its restaurant, lounges, and guestroom minibars are built into the price of your room, with no additional charges for food and beverages.

With Kyoto already being a premium-priced travel destination within Japan, such spacious accommodations, posh amenities, and historical significance come with prices starting at 100,000 yen (US$805) per night for two people.

Reservations can be made through Marufukuro’s website here.

Hotel information
Marufukuro / 丸福樓
Address: Kyoto-fu, Kyoto-shi, Shimogyo-ku, Shomendori, Kamogawa Nishiiri, Kagiyamachi 342

Source: PR Times
Top image: PR Times
Insert images: PR Times, Marufukuro
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