Five of the Mimaru Hotel establishments in Japan are going to unveil special Pokémon-styled rooms starting this December!

In our rapidly globalizing world, hotels are becoming an increasing necessity. Japan’s hotels are buckling in for an anticipated storm of guests for obvious reasons: the long-awaited 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo are expected to draw in huge crowds from all over the world, and that’s on top of the considerable number of local office workers, holidaymakers and traveling families that they already cater for.

Apartment Hotel Mimaru is a chain of hotels that goes one step beyond the traditional hotel or ryokan experience. Instead of staying in one small room and opting to eat out during your short stay, Mimaru targets those who will be vacationing — or working away from home — for a longer period of time. The rooms are roomier, each one comes equipped with free WiFi, and there’s even an attached kitchen so you can cook your own meals during your time there.

▼ Mimaru Hotels can be found throughout Tokyo and Kyoto, and their concierges speak Japanese and English.

You might think this is already a step above and beyond a simple hotel, but the Mimaru chain is really pushing the boat out as of December 2019. From December 18, prospective guests will be able to reserve a Pokémon themed room at one of the participating establishments — and the rooms themselves open to the public on December 24!

Four of the five participating hotels will be open at that time except for Kyoto’s Mimaru Kawaramachi Gojo, prepped to open on February 6, 2020. Still, that leaves four rooms ripe for reservation, although we’re sure they’ll be booked up faster than you can say “Pikachu”.

Participating Hotels:

Mimaru Tokyo Ueno East
Address: Tokyo-to, Taito-ku, Higashi Ueno 4-26-3

Mimaru Tokyo Hatchobori
Address: Tokyo-to, Chuo-ku, Nihonbashi Yaba-cho 3-8-8

Mimaru Kyoto Shinmachi Sanjo
Address: Kyoto-fu, Nakagyo-ku, Shinmachi-dori, Sankyo-agaru Machigashiracho Address 105

Mimaru Kyoto Station
Address: Kyoto-fu, Minami-ku, Higashi Kujom Higashisanno-cho 15-1

Mimaru Kyoto Kawarimachi Gojo (opening in 2020)
Address: Kyoto-fu, Shimogyo-ku, Nishitakasegawasuji, Gojo-kudaru Hiraicho 17-1

As Mimaru Hotels are already well-situated for tourists, located both in the capital and former capital, there’s no doubt they’ll be a perfect fit for any Pokémon fanatics who happen to be visiting the country. Take a Chansey on Mimaru Hotels’ Pokémon room and we bet you’ll have a Hoothoot of a stay, and be incredibly Comfey too!

Source: PR Times
Featured image: PR Times
Insert image: Apartment Hotel Mimaru

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