Sign was already bilingual, but briefly became something anyone can instantly understand.

Depending on where you grew up, you might think of crows as little more than pigeons with darker feathers. They’re both birds that you can find hanging out in urban areas and pecking through trash for bits of food, right?

In Japan, though, the crows are closer to what we’d call ravens in English. They’re huge, with long, curved beaks, and not particularly intimidated by humans. As a matter of fact, in Japan it’s often people who are warned to watch out for the crows, like with the sign, pictured above, that was spotted recently by Japanese Twitter user @OjohmbonX. “Crows may come after you,” it warns in Japanese, with an even more alarmed “BEWARE of CROWS” written underneath it in English.

But what if you can’t read either language? No prob, because…

…this guy was happy to sit there and show everyone who they should beware of.

“Very convincing,” tweeted @OjohmbonX, and commenters were similarly swayed:

“Crows are smart. He probably can read what the sign says.”
“’That’s right – watch out for me!’”
“Look at that beak…how many opponents has he cut down with it?”
“Face of a hardened criminal right there.”
“Reminds me of the cover for Biohazard [Resident Evil] Deadly Silence.”

Though Japanese crows aren’t known for unprovoked physical attacks on human passersby, they do sometimes aggressively go after food if they see it, and @OjohmbonX says that, sure enough, while he was in this park he saw a crow trying to snatch some snacks out of the hands of a kid. So remember, do beware of the crows in Japan, especially if the local government hasn’t hired a team of hawks to oppose them.

Source: Twitter/@OjohmbonX via IT Media
Images: Twitter/@OjohmbonX
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