Apparently even crows aren’t immune to the “I put this card in my deck because I think the character looks cool!” weakness.

Crows don’t really have the best reputation in Japan. Layman’s Japanese doesn’t really differentiate between the words “crow” and “raven,” giving them an association with death and samurai era-battlefield scavenging, and even in the modern era, they’re been seen doing things like taking over government buildings and trying to eat kittens.

But that doesn’t mean crows are all bad all the time. For example, Japanese Twitter user @beat_flying was recently out and about in Nagoya when he spotted two crows engaged in a perfectly wholesome activity: playing some Yu-Gi-Oh!

“Crows playing Yu-Gi-Oh! in Nagoya. Crazy huh?” tweeted @beat_flying, though online commenters wondered if perhaps instead of playing with the cards, the crows had sprung from them.

“I think maybe those crows are actually summoned monsters.”
“Maybe they used to be human Duelists, but they were transformed as a penalty for losing.”
“Real-word Black-Winged Dragon.”
“The one on the left looks like Yatagarasu no Mukuro.”

▼ Black-Winged Dragon

▼ Yatagarasu no Mukuro

Others, though, were certain that crows, being famously intelligent animals, have the mental capacity to master the rules of the game.

“Crows are smart, so if they felt like it, I’m sure they could figure out how to play.”
“If you gave them food or some other reward for playing a winning game, I’m sure they’d become even better at it than we humans are.”

Of course, those are just jokes. This is obviously a case of crows, who have a tendency to pick up all sorts of objects they find, stumbling across some Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, plus some from anime crossover card game Weiz Schwarz, that some human player accidentally dropped, right? I mean, if the crows really knew what they were doing, certainly the sentimental draw of building a deck out of bird-type monsters would be too great for them to resist and — oh, wait. The card in the left crow’s beak, that it’s about to play, is the one used to summon Salamangreat Parro, a powerful level-five monster that’s a bird with wings of flame.

OK, that settles it. These crows know what they’re doing, and it’s only a matter of time before they start competing against humans in sanctioned Yu-Gi-Oh! events, so for our species to remain the dominant one we’ll need to start exploiting obscure weather-based stat bonuses, or maybe once again assemble every Yu-Gi-Oh! ever printed in order to build the ultimate anti-crow deck.

Source: Twitter/@beat_flying via Hachima Kiko
Top image ©SoraNews24 
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