crow bad hairday 02

Proof that humans aren’t the only ones who enjoy pranking their friends.

We’ve seen animals pretending to act like humans before, but never trolling each other like humans. At least, not until Japanese Twitter user @KE_mi tweeted this:

▼ “The crow pulled the hair on his friend’s head to all go the wrong way, and then just flew away and left him looking like he just got out of bed.”

▼ “Hey bruh, let me fix your hair for you.”

crow bad hairday 01

▼ “Oh thanks, bruh. I needed a new do.”

crow bad hairday 02

▼ “All right, you’re good. Peace out, bruh.”

crow bad hairday 03

▼ “…uh. Bruh?”

crow bad hairday 04

Ah yes, the classic leaving-your-friend-looking-like-a-broom maneuver. The look of confused betrayal in the crow’s eyes in the last shot is just as hilarious as it would be on one of your own friends newly-created enemies.

Here’s what Japanese netizens had to say about the crows and their caw-ful hairdo:

“Haha, the crow at the end is like ‘uh, wait a minute….'”
“Oh my god I freaking love crows, they’re so funny.”
“Maybe it’s a popular hairstyle in the crow world?”
“Since the ‘hairstylist’ crow doesn’t have it, I doubt it.”
“If he gave him a mohawk, would it be called a mo-crow?

The level of pun is certainly high with that last one. I don’t think we could ever hope to caw-npete with their in-crow-dible wit. We’re talon the truth.

Source: Hamusoku via Twitter/@KE_mi
Images: Twitter/@KE_mi