Can also be used as dining tables, closets, or lounge sofas.

If you’re looking for some new furniture, Tokyo’s Ziggy Vamp would like you to take their products into consideration. And if you’re wondering if “Vamp” is short for “vampire,” the answer is almost certainly yes, since they specialize in coffins.

Ziggy Vamp operates the Kikirara Coffin Factory in the city’s Ota Ward. These caskets, though, are intended for use by the living. “We want to give you a little excitement in your daily life,” says Ziggy Vamp in announcing that they have “made the dream of coffin furniture that you can sleep in come true.”

The casket are made of wood, not plastic, and are highly customizable. For example, if you need extra cushioning you can select from either velour or satin lining, and there are also multiple metallic accouterments you can add in various styles and colors, such as handles in case you want someone to carry you around as you slumber.

Exterior colors include classic woodgrain and black, or you can go gothic-chic with red or white.

Of course, this being Japan, cuteness is always a viable choice too, so Ziggy Vamp also offers its coffins in pretty pink.

Stylishness, however, is only one aspect to take into account when choosing furniture. Versatility is nice too, so you’ll be happy to know that in addition to sleeping in your coffin, you can also use it as a dining table, lounge sofa, standing closet, or storage chest.

▼ I’m not sure if you can call something a “closet” if it’s lying lengthwise on the ground, but my greater confusion is how the exact same globe from my childhood home ended up in this coffin.

The interior coffin comes in two sizes, with the standard version 187 centimeters (73.6 inches) long and the plus-size 197.

While Ziggy Vamp’s target market is clearly modern, unabashed fans of vampire media, the company has partnered with the local craftsmen at long-established Ota Ward companies Yushin Kensho and Dainichi for their woodworking and upholstering needs.

Prices vary by the exact options you select, but start at 429,000 yen (US$3,200). All coffins are made to order, and Ziggy Vamp recommends placing yours soon in order to make sure you’ll have your finished and delivered in time for Halloween.

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