Star of adaptation of hit anime/manga wasn’t even born the last time there was a Hunter x Hunter stage play.

These are pretty good days to be a Hunter x Hunter fan. The long-running, often-on-hiatus shonen series recently restarted serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump, a new collected volume went on sale last month, and there’s still time to catch the ongoing exhibition of the art of creator Yoshihiro Togashi.

And now there’s another thing for fans of the action/adventure anime/manga series to be happy about, as Hunter x Hunter will be getting its first live-action stage play in 19 years.

The cast has been announced, and in-costume photos released, for Hunter x Hunter The Stage, which will be opening in the spring and is the first stage production for the franchise since 2004. Obviously, you can’t have a Hunter x Hunter story without protagonist Gon, and that role is going to Shion Otomo.

Like a lot of young anime heroes in series that have been going on for decades, Gon’s exact age is sort of hard to pin down, but is generally held to be somewhere between 12 and 14. At just 15, Kyoto-born Otomo isn’t much older, and he’s young enough that e wasn’t even born the last time a Hunter x Hunter stage play was performed.

▼ Shion Otomo

Joining Gon on stage while be his core compadres, Killua (played by Nichika Akutsu)…

Kurapika (Yuki Ogoe)…

…and Leorio (Shori Kondo).

Rounding out the cast are Haruki Kiyama as Hisoka

Kandai Ueda as Illumi

…Keigo Kitamura as Silva

…Yusaku Kawasaki as Hanzo

…Taizo Shina as Zeno

…Koki as Milluki

…Hiro Otaka as Netero

…and Shogo Tazuru as Goto.

Hunter x Hunter The Stage the stage opens May 12 at the Galaxy Theater (a.k.a. Ginga Gekijo) in Tokyo’s Tennozu district and runs until May 28. Ticket reservations have yet to start, but will be available through the play’s official website here once they do.

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Source: Hunter x Hunter The Stage official website
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