Manga fans have been waiting almost four years, but they won’t have to wait much longer.

They say that patience is a virtue, but for fans of Hunter x Hunter, it’s a necessity. Though the shonen action adventure manga started sterilization all the way back in 1998 and is still ongoing, the stream of new content has been anything but smoothly flowing, with sporadic and extended hiatuses being the norm for Hunter x Hunter for several years now.

Of course, it’s totally understandable that creator Yoshihiro Togashi requires frequent breaks from drawing, seeing as how his health issues are such that he’s unable to “wipe [his] own butt,” as he recently explained. Still, you don’t become a professional manga artist without loving to draw, just like you don’t become a fan of a series without wanting to see what happens next, so it’s a happy development that a release date has finally been announced for the 37th collected volume of Hunter x Hunter.

For reference, Hunter x Hunter’s collected volumes typically contain 10 chapters, which would ordinarily be equivalent to 10 weeks’ worth of content originally published in manga anthology Weekly Shonen Jump. Due to the Hunter x Hunter’s irregular publishing schedule, though, it’s now been almost four years since the Japanese release of Volume 36, which hit Japanese book stores in October of 2018. It’ll be past the four-year mark when Volume 37 finally does come out, but not by much, as publisher Shueisha has announced an on-sale date of November 4, conveniently a Friday that will allow fans to dive into the long-awaited book over the weekend.

▼ Shueisha’s announcement tweet for Volume 37 of Hunter x Hunter

It should be noted there are currently 10 Hunter x Hunter chapters that appeared in Weekly Shonen Jump after those which made up Volume 36, so it’s likely that Volume 37 won’t include any brand-new chapters. However, since Shueisha doesn’t sell back issues of Weekly Shonen Jump, this will be the first chance for fans who didn’t buy those particular issues to own the currently newest part of the series in physical form. It’s also common for manga art to be touched up for collected volumes, as the tight time constraints of a weekly schedule don’t always allow creators to fully achieve their artistic visions. Plus, this sign of life from the franchise is an encouraging signal that we might be getting closer to the restart of Hunter x Hunter’s serialization.

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