Nonchalant announcement produces shouts of joy from fans.

In Japan, the most popular manga series are the ones published in the weekly anthology magazines. That quick pace means there’s always a fresh chapter for fans to devour and discuss, and the intense interest in turn fuels publishers’ and creators’ desire to keep the flow of new material fast and steady.

Despite Hunter x Hunter being published in Weekly Shonen Jump, though, fans have long known not to expect a new chapter every week. In fact, they’ve become conditioned to not even expect a new chapter every year, since the series has been on hiatus since 2018. The long wait is almost over, though, as Hunter x Hunter is finally restarting its serialization this month!

The last time a new Hunter x Hunter chapter appeared in the magazine was in the issue that went on sale November 26, 2018, so the restart brings the series back after a three-year, 11-month slumber.

The Weekly Shonen Jump editorial department nonchalantly broke the news through its Twitter account, tweeting “It has been decided that Hunter x Hunter (written by Yoshihiro Togashi) will restart its serialization in Volume 47 of Weekly Shonen Jump, which goes on sale October 24.”

Online reactions from fans have been just a tad more emotional.

“Sooo haaapy!”
“Fiiiiiiiiinally “
“It’s restaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaating!”
“Here it cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomes!”

More levelheaded, but no less heartfelt, were those expressing gratitude and encouragement for Togashi, who recently opened up about the severe health issues that he’s been suffering from during Hunter x Hunter’s hiatus. The artist has indicated that he’s creating 10 new chapters to start with, and there’s definitely a chance that the series will be going on break again after that, but several commenters said they’re happy to get whatever they can, drawn at whatever pace still allows Togashi to get the rest his body needs.

Source: Oricon News via Livedoor News via Jin, Twitter/@jump_henshubu
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