Want to know what people in Japan are singing? Joysound knows.

Karaoke is one of Japan’s most popular pastimes, being both a great way to express oneself and to socialize with fellow karaoke-goers (or solo, if that’s more your jam). The consoles provided in karaoke booths allow you to look up songs, and most of them also provide rankings or recent search histories, so you can get some idea of what songs are the most popular. One of Japan’s biggest karaoke providers, Joysound, has made it even easier easy to know which songs were hits this year by releasing a best of 2022 list. Here are the top 10 most-sung songs on the Joysound system this year!

1. “Dried Flowers” (Yuri)

“Dried Flowers” was the trigger to artist Yuri’s rise to fame, with the official music video currently having 115 million views on YouTube. This is the second year in a row “Dried Flowers” ranked number one in Joysound’s annual ranking. There are also English and Chinese versions of this year’s hit available, so check them out on music streaming sites if you haven’t already!

2. “Cinderella Boy” (Saucy Dog)

“Cinderella Boy” has been a hit with the younger generations as the track went viral on social media sites like TikTok and Instagram. The music video currently has 68 million views, which puts it behind “Dried Flowers” and “Suiheisen” (the next song on the list), but it clearly struck a chord with the karaoke community.

3. “Suiheisen” (Back Number)

“Suiheisen” shot up from fifteenth place last year to second place in 2022. The music video currently has 174 million views on YouTube, making it more popular on the video streaming site than “Dried Flowers.”

4. “Marigold” (Aimyon)

Aimyon’s “Marigold” is another track that has aged well in the karaoke world since its release, climbing from seventh place last year to a solid fourth place this year. Considering it was released four years ago, in 2018, we think that’s pretty impressive. This video on YouTube currently has over 293 million views, which is 100 million views more than Back Number’s “Suiheisen.”

5. “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis” (Yoko Takahashi)

Along with being the fifth most-sung track on the Joysound system, this song is also the overall most-sung track in Joysound’s 30 years of operation. In other words, if you want instant popularity, you’d do well to bust this out at your next singing sesh. The song was first released in 1995, meaning it’s been in the Joysound system for 27 years. She even sang it live at this year’s Joysound awards ceremony, as you might have noticed above!

6. “Betelgeuse” (Yuri)
7. “Maho no Jutan” (Takaya Kawasaki)
8. “Zankyosanka” ( Aimer)
9. “Citrus” (Da-iCE)
10. “Sayonara Elegy” (Masaki Suda)

So next time you’re wondering what songs you can learn to impress karaoke goers in Japan, try learning one, or all ten, of these. You’ll have the whole room singing along in no time. Make it into a concert if you want! The karaoke world is your oyster.

Source: PR Times, Joysound
Top image: PR Times
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