Your drinks will always be protected from now on.

You may have heard of small katana being used to stab burgers, but now your drinks will get some flair, too. Japanese companies Potato and Staff have collaborated to produce unique Samurai Age bottle covers based on samurai armor. According to Staff, their aim is to shock the world with Japanese culture.

There are three different styles, representing three different samurai warlords who had ambitions of ruling the country during the Sengoku era: gold for Tokugawa Ieyasu, silver for Oda Nobunaga, and black for Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

▼ The helmets and crests are modeled after each samurai’s personal headgear.

The bottle cover armor is produced in Fukuoka, and the triple-layer steel katana pick that comes with it is manufactured in Gifu Prefecture’s Seki City, which has been a center of swordsmithing in Japan for centuries.

▼ The pick even comes with its own little sheath!

Here are some cool things you can do with the bottle armor and pick:

▼ Pour your drinks!

▼ Stab your food — but not your tablemates, please!

▼ Mix your drinks — in a slightly threatening way?

The covers are perfect for bottles between 700 and 900 milliliters (23.6 and 30.4 ounces), which is enough for a gold ol’ bottle of sake, whisky, or wine.

▼ Want to know what drink this is? You’ll have to get through the armor to find out.

▼ The crest completes the look.

The bottle covers are currently being sold on crowdfunding site Makuake here, where you can purchase one for as low as 14,400 yen (US$107). The project has already met almost quadruple its initial goal of 300,000 yen, so this conversation piece is clearly a hit so far! Will you be the proud owner of one soon?

Source: PR Times, Makuake
Images: PR Times

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