Oda Nobunaga

Recreating the greatest betrayal of the samurai era with the Honnoji Incident papercraft kit【Pics】

Over 400 years ago, a temple in Kyoto suddenly became the site of a battle that would change Japanese history forever.

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Eat like a samurai from the warring states period with new range of canned meals from Japan

Meals of military commanders faithfully reproduced for the modern era.

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Mini samurai sword scissors are here to help you slice paper and plastic foes to pieces【Photos】

This is how Oda Nobunada and the Shinsengumi would remove the tags from their T-shirts.

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Crowdfunded samurai sword-inspired kitchen knives now available for general sale

Now anyone can pretend to use Oda Nobunaga’s sword to cut onions!

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The spot in Kyoto where Japan’s most treacherous samurai was hunted down by bandits

We step back into the past on a walk to the Akechi Thicket.

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Chop up paperwork with katana scissors inspired by the swords of Oda Nobunaga and other samurai

If you’re anything like us, you spend a more than healthy amount of time day-dreaming about cutting down enemies with a katana. Not that we really have any enemies or even people we’d glare at on the subway. Heck, we’re pretty peaceful, loving folks here at RocketNews24! But that doesn’t change the fact that Japanese swords are just freaking awesome.

Still, there’s not much cause to walk around with a sword strapped to your hip these days. Fortunately, Nikken Cutlery has found the perfect compromise: scissors inspired by the swords of Oda Nobunaga and other samurai!

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