Employees demonstrate the Cerberus, Orochi, and other incapacitating items on their boss.

If you go to the online store of Sano Kiko, a machining and engineering company in the town of Moka, Tochigi, they’ll tell you that their best-selling product is set of metal fixtures for kitchen sink drains. Order now, and it even comes with a free sponge!

But you know what’s even more amazing than a free sponge? This other product in Sano Kiko’s lineup.

That’s the Cerberus, part of Sano Kiko’s security product offerings. The shaft is made of lightweight stainless steel, and when it’s not being used to take down someone brandishing a knife, the tip looks like a large broom or squeegee. Thrust it at your target, though, and the thick black band wraps closed with lightning speed, like an immobilizing slap bracelet.

And the Cerberus is just the tip of the crazy iceberg, as Sano Kiko demonstrates in this video featuring the rest of their security products.

The first restraining polearm shown in the montage is the Fudou, which uses a more compact band that stays tethered to the pole after it wraps.

The Benkei is a pronged pole with no wrapping function, but which can be used to catch or hook arms, legs, or weapons the attacker may be swinging.

And last, the Orochi is a restraining snap strap with a handle.

The powers of the Cerberus, Fudou, and Benkei combined

Oh, and in case you’re wondering which unlucky member of the staff got picked to be on the receiving end of all that, that’s Sano Kiko’s president.

▼ A man who not only stands by his products, but gets knocked down and tied up by them too.

Depending on how security and policing are handled in your part of the world, the emphasis on polearms might seem surprising. Because of Japan’s strict gun control laws, though, in Japan the vast majority of weapon-based crimes involve knives or bludgeons, not firearms, so being able to subdue a criminal from outside arm’s length often allows for dangerous situation to be resolved without resorting to deadly force.

Unlike Sano Kiko’s kitchen fixtures, though, the security products lineup isn’t offered to individual buyers, but only to organizations properly licensed and trained to handle such equipment.

Source: Twitter/@sano_kiko via IT Media
Top image: Twitter/@sano_kiko
Insert images: Sano Kiko, YouTube/有限会社佐野機工 (1, 2, 3, 4), Twitter/@sano_kiko
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