And it’s not the only meaty Asian dish getting a pizza bowl version.

A while back, Domino’s Pizza Japan started selling Pizza Rice Bowls. Instead of crust, they start with a layer of rice, which is then covered in mozzarella cheese and has pizza toppings added before it’s all baked in the oven like the chain’s orthodox pies.

We tried them when they first came out and were left happy and full. But if you’re already going to buck pizza crust tradition, you may as well go nuts with the toppings too, which brings us to Domino’s Japan’s newest innovation: the Gyusukiyaki Pizza Rice Bowl!

Actually, the name is just a tad redundant, since gyu means “beef,” which is a must-have ingredient when making sukiyaki. Along with tender strips of beef, the Gyusukiyaki Pizza Rice Bowl features negi (long green onions, another key ingredient in sukiyaki) and is seasoned with two types of soy sauce and two kinds of sugar, to recreate the sweetly savory flavors of the traditional hotpot this rice bowl draws its inspiration from. Finally, since many sukiyaki fans like to dip the beef in eg before popping it in their mouth, the Gyusukiyaki Pizza Rice Bowl is finished with a generous drizzling of “egg yolk sauce.”

Joining the Gyusukiyaki is another pizza rice bowl inspired by a popular meaty Asian dish: kalbi, or barbequed short ribs.

Using its full name, this is the Sumibiyaki Shio Buta Kalbi Pizza Rice Bowl, with those first three parts meaning “Charcoal-grilled Salty Pork.” Acoompanying the short ribs are crisp green pepper and garlic slices (Domino’s Japan describes the garlic as an “accent,” but looking at the size of the slices in the photo, it looks like they’ll pack a pretty big punch).

The sukiyaki pizza rice bowl is priced at 999 yen (US$7.40) and the kalbi at 899 yen by themselves, but are mysteriously the same price, 1,390 yen, if you order them as part of a My Domino set with two sides.

They’re both available now, and will be sticking around until April 23.

Source: PR Times via Entabe
Images: PR Times
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