Instead of building a sandcastle, someone built a monster.

It’s pretty normal for parks in residential neighborhoods in Japan to have a sandbox for kids to play in. This being Japan, where good manners are always important, most kids usually clean the area up a little before they go home, knocking down whatever they built and giving the sand a quick smoothing so the next person who wants to play can start with a more or less blank slate.

But when Japanese Twitter user @nil_singer was out for a stroll the other day, he came across a playground where someone’s sandbox creation was still intact. That might sound like a heartwarmingly whimsical sight, but what was waiting in the sandbox wasn’t a sandcastle…

…but a sandface.

“Who made this crazy thing…” wonders @nil_singer in the tweet, but many commenters were of the mind that this was some sort of self-aware entity yearning to break free from its sandy prison.

“Well that’s gonna cause some childhood trauma.”
“Kids gonna cry if they see that.”
“It looks like it’s about to rise up from the earth.”
“Feels like something from Attack on Titan.”
“Pretty sure this shows up in the Monogatari anime.”
“I’ve seen this before…in The Mummy.”
“That’s definitely High Priestess from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.”

Since it’s important to know exactly what kind of monster you’re dealing with, @nil_singer later put it to a poll to determine what was going on, with the following results:

● It’s the Mummy: 38.2 percent of votes
● It’s Gaara the sand shinobi (from Naruto): 33 percent
● It’s Sandman (from Spider-Man: 21.4 percent
● It’s the sand monster from Koyomimonogatari: 7.4 percent

All kidding aside, it really is an impressive piece of sand art, with even contours for the jawline and forehead. It must have taken a lot of time and effort to get everything just right, so it’s too bad that the first reaction it provokes is to close your eyes and run away in terror.

Source: Twitter/@nil_singer via Jin
Photos: Twitter/@nil_singer
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