The month-long deal ended up lasting just five days.

In an ideal world, the SoraNews24 team would always make it in time to enjoy the best all-you-can-eat deals, but as we’ve experienced in the past, that doesn’t always happen. That doesn’t stop us from introducing more great eateries, though!

One such case happened to our Japanese-language reporter Yuuichiro Wasai recently. He had heard about an all-you-can-eat beef tongue–or gyutan–deal at Japanese family restaurant Washoku Sato that began on June 1. But when he paid a visit later in June, a notice posted in the restaurant’s window brought him ill tidings.

▼ No all-you-can-eat deal for Yuuichiro.

The notice reads that due to unexpectedly popular demand, the all-you-can-eat beef tongue deal ended on June 6, just five days after the campaign began. The original plan was meant to last until July, but considering some of the most popular train station bento boxes feature beef tongue, we aren’t exactly surprised the crowd went wild for this deal.

Also written in the notice was this tragedy affected even the regular beef tongue items, with some branches of Washoku Sato being completely out of beef tongue. The branch Yuuichiro went to still had the all-you-can-eat advertisement posted in the window, just another indication of how the restaurants were caught off-guard by the popular demand.

▼ He could have had it grilled or in a hot pot.

Alas! There was no mountain of beef tongue in store for Yuuichiro today, but this branch still had some stock left.

He ordered the Thick-Cut Beef Tongue Meal Set for 1,978 yen (US$13.95). Aside from beef tongue, the meal also included roast beef, chawanmushi (steamed egg custard), tempura, beef bone soup, and pickled vegetables.

▼ It’s a little bit of everything.

In Yuuchiro’s opinion, the “thick-cut” beef tongue didn’t seem that thick to him, and he wished the meal included more than three slices of it. To be honest, another restaurant may be your best bet if you want beef tongue that tastes truly great.

▼ It does look rather average in terms of thickness.

If you’re someone who wants to eat a lot besides beef tongue, however, this is a great option! And you know we’ll be back if we hear about this deal starting up again.

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