Tokyo restaurant Kintan offers inexpensive wagyu to celebrate store’s recent renewal.

Kintan is a string of Japanese restaurants that all specialise in one thing — beef. They have nineteen stores across Tokyo, and while the majority of them are your more traditional beef-friendly restaurants, like yakiniku and shabu shabu restaurants, one branch of Kintan in Tokyo’s Ginza neighbourhood has a unique take on enjoying beef, in the form of a sushi restaurant. 

In fact, it’s the only restaurant in Japan that specialises in selling beef sushi.

Not just any old beef sushi, either; Kintan likes to use the finest beef available, and many items on their menu feature wagyuthe Japanese beef that has a reputation for its exquisite taste, texture, and tenderness.

Kintan has over 30 kinds of beef sushi on its menu, including a charcoal-grilled skirt steak nigiri using high-quality Hida beef….

▼ The Hida Beef Charcoal-grilled skirt steak Nigiri

…and beef tongue nigiri.

▼ The Hida Beef Tongue Nigiri

Kintan also incorporates more traditional sushi flavours into its menu as well, like the Wagyu Beef Yukhoe and Hokkaido Sea Urchin sushi.

▼ The Wagyu Beef Yukhoe and Hokkaido Sea Urchin sushi

Kintan’s typical menu offers customers a ten-piece course, and with the lunch course costing 7,700 yen ($53.86) and the evening course 18,900 yen ($132.20), enjoying high quality sushi isn’t cheap, understandably. But for those who wish to enjoy Kintan’s tasty beef without breaking the bank, you’re in luck.

▼ The Stack of Wagyu Steak and Assorted Seafood Chirashi Sushi Box 

In celebration of Kintan’s recent renewal, which saw the shop’s interior getting a fancy new makeover, the restaurant is offering a box full of beef sushi for just 1,500 yen (US$10.49). The box is called the “Stack of Wagyu Steak and Assorted Seafood Chirashi Sushi Box”, and is split into two tiers. The first is jam packed with a rare kind of wagyu steak called ‘togarashi’, which is slowly roasted for an hour. The second contains chirashi sushi, sushi rice with vegetables and seafood scatted on the top. The seafood is procured daily from Tokyo’s Toyosu Fish Market and is carefully prepared by the sushi chefs at Kintan.

These boxes are limited to just five a day, so anyone wishing to get some amazing quality beef steak for an amazingly low price should head down to Kintan as soon as they can.

Restaurant information
Gyuniku Sushi Kintan / 牛肉寿司 きんたん
Address: FPG links GINZA Corridor 3F 8-2-16 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
東京都中央区銀座8丁目2番FPG links GINZA Corridor 3F
Open: 12:00p.m – 3:30 p.m., 6:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.
Closed Mondays and Wednesdays

Source, images: PR Times
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