Don’t worry, the zen will come to you.

Whether it’s in a Buddhist temple or under a waterfall, Japan is hooked on meditation. But can you meditate anywhere, even in a truck? Japanese foundation Kansai Innovation tested out a new project in Osaka Prefecture’s Kadoma City, involving a truck equipped with a meditation room developed by Panasonic. Along with a meditation cushion, the cozy room also has atmospheric lighting and a fog machine.

▼ You’ll forget you’re on Planet Earth with your earthly stresses.

The service is called (Mu)Room Ride, and it’s only now in its testing stages. Throughout November and December, Kansai Innovation will test out the innovative service in three cities around Japan.

▼ Keep an eye out for this truck if you’re interested.

▼ And here’s a video of a stationary (Mu)Room in a Shinagawa hotel, for reference.

Users who have tried it out so far say it’s a truly unique meditation experience and they feel so much better afterward.

▼ All you need to do is go in the tiny door…

▼ …and true peace and quiet is waiting for you.

According to Kansai Innovation manager Kousuke Murakami, the foundation anticipates meditation to be the next wellness fad following the current trend of saunas. Netizens also had some things to say when they heard about the zen on wheels service:

“I think meditation’s recent popularity stems from things like the pandemic, the increasing number of natural disasters, and digital burnout. This service offers two courses–15 or 30 minutes–since it can take different people different amounts of time to empty their mind.”

“Wow, everyone is really burnt out these days. It’s really come to this? This seems more like escapism than meditation. You can’t get anything out of just one meditation session; you need to commit.”

“They’re claiming meditation will be the next self-care trend after saunas, and I totally believe it. Meditation really does make you feel better. It’s the time.”

The group is aiming to run the project full-scale in 2025, marketed mainly to office workers and tourists. For now, they’ll continue testing out their service with some hopefully peaceful results.

Source: PR Times via Hachima Kikou
Featured image: YouTube/Channel Panasonic – Official
Insert images: YouTube/Channel Panasonic – Official, PR Times

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